Kinact: Festival Kinshasa in action in DR of Congo

Festival Kinact – Kinshasa in action

Exploring the vibrant capital of the DRC

Always attentive in our travels to everything that happens around us, we could not miss the opportunity to attend one of the best urban cultural proposals in the frenetic Congolese capital. An urban artistic proposal that makes the citizens of Kinshasa aware of the challenges facing the central African giant.

Kinact Festival

The Kinact Festival was founded in 2015 by Eddy Ekete, a Congolese born in Kinshasa, and Aude Bertrand, French by birth.

Kinact Festival Kinshasa
Sharing a chat with Eddy Ekete, founder of Kinact.

Art in the suburbs of Kinshasa

The KinAct Festival is itinerant and takes place in various working-class neighbourhoods of the Congolese capital. In a mega-city where there are no theatres or cinemas, a number of Congolese, African and European artists bring their art to the poorest streets of Kinshasa.


In addition to street performances, the festival organises workshops to introduce children to different art forms, such as theatre, sculpture, painting and poetry. But Kinact is not only art. It is also an open door to social criticism and awareness-raising.

Kinact, street art and social protest

Themes such as the environment, poor health care, superstition, violence, African identity and the struggle for survival are exposed in each of the artists’ works and costumes.

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The need to recycle in Kinshasa

Each of these works is made from household waste found in the dumps and streets of Kinshasa. Kinact is a desperate cry to the need to recycle in a city full of rubbish and plastic.

Kinact Festival

A project that combines art and critical awareness and with which Kumakonda will be delighted to be able to collaborate next year and which we are sure to attend again with the travellers who accompany us.

Trips to Congo – DRC

Kinshasa is one of the best and most fascinating experiences on any trip to Congo-Zaire. Forget that old saying that African capitals have nothing to offer. Exploring Kinshasa can take a minimum of 3 or 4 days. If you wish to travel to Kinshasa and experience its daring offerings, you can do so privately all year round or join some of our Congo tours.

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