Chad – Lake Chad, Ennedi & Ounianga / 19 days in January 2025

Chad tour: Ennedi and Ounianga lakes

Chad, one of the last frontiers. A destination for unconditional adventure lovers who already know other parts of the African continent and want to go further, living a fascinating travel experience through one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet, which we guarantee will leave you impressed. Moreover, in Chad, one of the least visited countries in the world, tourism has not yet emerged and it remains a territory almost completely isolated from the outside world and where the traveller will witness ancient ways of life, which will soon disappear.

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We will travel to the Ennedi Massif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Ounianga Lakes, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

Along the way we will meet fascinating ethnic groups, many of them nomadic, such as Arabs, Tubus or Fulani, cross impressive dune systems such as the Mourdi depression and stop at some wells along the route, where we can observe the harsh life of the desert and the steppe.

We are most probably going to see the mythical salt caravans led by Anakassa and Gorane shepherds.

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A well with a rope and pulley frequented by always very friendly Arab shepherds.

Lake Chad, spirulina, markets, nomadic ethnic groups and the great elephant herd

We will spend a couple of days in this fascinating region to visit nomadic Fulani camps, one of the most interesting markets in Chad, the women’s spirulina cooperative and try to spot the large herd of elephants.

sale of spirulina in slabs in Isseirom, near lake chad
Spirulina for sale in Lake Chad

Ennedi Massif: natural and cultural landscape

In the north-east of the country, the Ennedi sandstone massif has been sculpted over time by water and wind.

Ennedi is a plateau with canyons and valleys, presenting a spectacular landscape marked by cliffs, dunes, natural arches and peaks. In the larger canyons, the permanent presence of water plays an essential role in the ecosystem of the Ennedi massif, supporting flora and fauna as well as human life.


Hundreds of images have been painted and carved on the rocky surface of caves, canyons and refuges, presenting one of the largest assemblages of rock art in the Sahara.

For  3 / 4  days we will travel through this great territory visiting the most impressive places. After numerous trips in Chad, in Kumakonda we have located the best places to set up our camp.


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Travelling through the Ennedi Massif

 El impresionante valor del macizo de Ennedi se debe a la combinación de tres aspectos: la belleza natural, la bio-diversidad relictual y el arte rupestre. Y aunque en el macizo de Ennedi normalmente se visitan unas 15 o 20 diferentes localizaciones concentradas en un espacio similar a la Comunidad de Madrid, buena parte de este territorio (más de 5 veces superior a la Comunidad de Madrid) conocido como el Edén del Sáhara, está todavía por explorar.

We will stop at places such as the Hubaike sandbanks, the Uimina peaks, the Djoulia and Aloba Arch, the Bachikele and Bechike canyons, the great Chigou dune, the Noi valley and the Oyo labyrinth. These are not the only places we visit, there are many more…

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Archei Guelta, iconic of Ennedi Massif

The highlight of this area is undoubtedly the Guelta d’Archei, the only point where water is found all year round. It is situated in a spectacular and imposing rocky gorge where you can often find hundreds of camels drinking. Their roar echoes off the rocky walls.

Guelta Archei

Ounianga Lakes, the most stunning desert landscape

The Ounianga Lakes include eighteen interconnected lakes in the extremely arid Ennedi region of the Sahara Desert, covering an area of 62,808 ha. They constitute an exceptional natural landscape of great beauty, with striking colours and shapes.

The saline and freshwater lakes are supplied by groundwater and are located in two groups 40 km apart.

Ounianga Kebir comprises four lakes, the largest of which, Yoan, has an area of 358 ha and is 27 m deep. Its highly saline waters contain only algae and a few micro-organisms.

The second group, Ounianga Serir, comprises fourteen lakes separated by sand dunes. Floating tabs cover almost half of the surface of these lakes, reducing evaporation.

Ounianga Lakes

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Remnants of the Bir Kora war

One of the most surprising aspects when we travel through the different battlefields in northern Chad, known as the Toyota war, is the state of the remains of the war machinery. It is incredible that the ironwork, which has been abandoned in the desert for more than 30 years, is perfectly clean, polished and smooth, even the ones with shrapnel in them. You really have the sensation of being in a set.

On our trip to Ennedi and Ounianga Lakes we will visit some of the following sceneries

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Travel to Chad with Kumakonda

Our extensive knowledge of Chad allows us to make the best possible routes in the country. As well as having located the best places to visit throughout the country, we travel with high quality equipment exclusive to Kumakonda. On our trips to Chad you will have at your disposal comfortable and spacious South African tents, charging equipment for electrical appliances, Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles in good condition or new, in which we will travel 3 passengers plus driver for each car and many other details that you can enjoy during the trip, but above all, you will also have the most expert guides in Chad who will accompany you from Spain.

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Camping at the lakes

Tourism in Chad

  • Transport 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Kumakonda guide, English speaking
  • Local Chadian guide
  • Cooker during the trip
  • All necessary government permits to travel in northern Chad.
  • Letter of invitation to Chad required to obtain your visa.
  • Airport pick-up and return service
  • All camping rates
  • Tents for 2 people and sleeping mattress
  • Two nights (day of arrival and departure) acomodation in N’Djamena
  • For many of the tourist attractions, entrance fees must be paid. All entrance fees are included in the price of the trip.
  • 3 meals per day.
  • Mineral water
  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Taxi rate
  • Entry visa
  • Drinks (soft drinks / alcoholic drinks)
  • Tips optionals
  • No meals are served on arrival and departure of the trip in N’Djamena

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