Travel agency specialized in Africa

Kumakonda is a wholesale – retail travel agency specializing in the realization of trips to unconventional destinations in Africa.

We are experts in West Africa and Central Africa.

Destination Africa with Kumakonda

The destinations we offer are: Chad, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau and Bijagos Archipelago, Guinea Conakry, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Republic of Congo and Gabon.

What do we offer?

Our trips to Africa

Each of our trips in Africa has been planned in a handcrafted way, based on the extensive knowledge we have of the African continent. No one better than us to offer you logistical support of any kind in the most remote destinations in Africa.

We know the laws of many of the countries we travel to regarding import, customs, special permits, etc., which allows us to offer our clients the possibility of carrying out any type of project.

We do adventure travel and expeditions in Central and West Africa, exploration tours, cultural and nature tours and tailor-made trips in Africa.

We offer a small number of trips to Africa per year, which allows us to offer a superior travel experience to any other agency.

Kumakonda is the result of our knowledge and passion for Africa, a passion that has been forged after long and numerous trips through 40 countries of the African continent.

Kumakonda Team


Co-founder of Kumakonda, handcrafted travel design and content creation. Expedition leader.

Adventurous traveler who has traveled much of the African continent, tireless in the search for cultures and in his desire to reach the most beautiful and hidden places, he is an expert connoisseur of Africa. He has the facility to respond to unforeseen situations. Magnificent driver and excellent in the organization of a trip, uninhibited and with the good humor of those who are dedicated to their passion, he lives with enthusiasm every trip and transmits it to the travelers he accompanies, making everyone feel part of a great expedition.


Co-founder of Kumakonda, management, administration and content creation.

In love with Africa, its people, its culture, its nature and its music, and with the desire to share our knowledge, I am co-founder of Kumakonda, to make you discover the most secret places of the continent, to explore tribal cultures, the wildest nature and ancestral rites.



Born in Ounianga Kebir in northern Chad, Hamit is our partner in the country. His great knowledge of the desert and the different ethnic groups that inhabit the center-north of Chad are essential in the expeditions that we carry out in Chad.



Ethnomusicologist and music manager specialized in the study of West African oral tradition music. Her approach is based on an anthropological, social and cultural approach.

She has lived four years between Guinea Conarky and Senegal. Passionate about the ethnic and musical diversity of the African continent, she immediately understood that in order to know the roots of a culture, it is necessary to learn the local language. She is fluent in Soussou (the national language of Guinea Conakry) and speaks Mandinka. He is also fluent in several West African languages.
She works as a freelance for the Museu de la Música de Barcelona, collecting instruments and information, and giving lectures on the history of oral tradition and the transmission of values through music.
She will be our guide and translator in this direct approach to the heart of other cultures.

Kumakonda is a wholesale – retail travel agency.