In kumakonda we couldn’t start 2019 in a better way. We have achieved a new journey in Chad in which we visited the Zakouma National Park, one of the last truly wild safari destinations left in Africa. We are very

Dambe Trip Nigeria Hausa Boxing
Austerio Alonso

Dambe: the fight club in northern Nigeria

Dambe. Welcome to the Fight Club.We travelled to northern Nigeria, specifically to Kano, the oldest city in West Africa. After making some visits, an inhabitant of the city told us about the boxing evenings that were held every afternoon in

Bijagos, Guinea Bissau
Austerio Alonso

Bijagos Islands in Guinea Bissau, where women rule

On our last trip to Guinea Bissau in February 2018 we were lucky to learn more about this West African country, small in territory, but immense in diversity and cultural richness. One of the most fascinating parts of the trip

Santuario tiwai Island, Sierra Leona
Austerio Alonso

Tiwai Island Sanctuary Sierra Leone

One of the many attractions in a trip in Sierra Leone is the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Discovering Tiwai Island, traveling through Sierra Leone Tiwai Island (which means big island in Mende) is located inside the Rainy Forest of the

Chimpances Cantanhez Guinea Bissau
Austerio Alonso

Visiting the Cantanhez National Park in Guinea Bissau

Travelling to Cantanhez National Park The Cantanhez National Park in Guinea Bissau is located in the district of Tombali, in the south of the country, about 250 kilometers from the capital Bissau. To get there the road is in good

Traditional Fabrics of Ivory Coast
Austerio Alonso

Traditional Fabrics of Ivory Coast

Traveling through the different regions of northern Ivory Coast we find the craft production of traditional materials. Traditional Kita The “kita” or also called “kente” is the traditional material that is worked on the looms. Men are organized in a

Por qué viajar en camión-por África
Austerio Alonso

Why overland in Africa?

After years traveling overland in the African continent we are firmly convinced that trucks are the best means of transportation for group travel in Africa. In this blog post we give you some good reasons to travel overland in Africa

Kambadaga Fouta Djalon
Austerio Alonso

Hiking in Fouta Djallon, Guinea Conakry

Fouta Djallon’s mountainous region is in the central – west area of Guinea Conakry. Welcome to Fouta Djallon in Guinea Conakry  This mountain range of surrealistic reliefs which height goes between 700 and 1500 meters, is the source of some

East Nimba, Liberia
Austerio Alonso

East Nimba Nature Reserve, Liberia

One of the most surprising places we can visit in West Africa is without a doubt East Nimba Nature Reserve in Liberia. We can enjoy stunning scenery, nature, walking trails on the mountains and visit to surrealistic abandoned places. In

Marrakech a Dakar en camión
Austerio Alonso

Overland Trip from Morocco to Senegal (Marrakech-Dakar)

We begin our trip in Marrakech, one of the most touristic and interesting cities in Morocco. After going through the lightbulb, the parks and the always busy and striking place of Jemaa el Fna we go towards the south by

Saint Louis UNESCO de Senegal
Austerio Alonso

Saint Louis, Senegal, architectural and cultural patrimony

The city of Saint Louis in north Senegal (UNESCO) with its nice colonial colorful buildings, relaxed atmosphere, very attractive cultural offer and magnificent natural environment, is one of these places you will never wish to leave. History of Saint Louis

Tamberma Togo
Austerio Alonso

Discover Tamberma Valley in Togo, the Batammariba people

Placed at the foothills of Atakora Mountains in the north-east of Togo, we find Kutammaku region, home of the Batammariba, people of ancient traditions. Kutammaku reaches up to Benin and in this country they are called the Somba. Kutammaku, which

Austerio Alonso

Visa Entente and Visas West Africa

VISA ATTENTION WARNING This entente visa is no longer issued. The countries that were involved no longer accept it. You have to obtain each visa individually. The Benin consulate in Madrid issues at present the touristic visa “ENTENTE”, which allows

Tai National Park Ivory Coast
Austerio Alonso

Tai National Park in Ivory Coast. Chimpanzees experience

Travelling to Tai National Park in Ivory Coast Though it’s complicated to get to Tai National Park, the most remote Reserve and pristine forest in western Ivory Coast, near the border with Liberia, we could not set aside Tai visit

Manglares en África Occidental
Austerio Alonso

Mangroves in West Africa, a very important ecosystem

The mangrove is both an extremely fragile and an important ecosystem for many human communities around the world. We will visit mangroves during our trips in West Africa. Senegal, Gambia and Ivory Coast are two formidable destinations to make interesting

Senderimo Volta, Ghana, Togo y Benin
Austerio Alonso

Hiking in the Volta region, Ghana. Trip Ghana, Togo and Benin

This is the most eastern region of Ghana, along the border with Togo, which is mostly mountainous. With an extraordinary scenic beauty, impressive waterfalls, tropical forests, lagoons, magnificent valleys and hills makes of the Volta region one of nature’s most

Viajar a Costa de Marfil
Austerio Alonso


A tour across Ivory Coast is an enriching trip to the beating heart of West Africa. Blessed with a striking nature this country has two million hectares of wooded savannah, exuberant jungles and a rich and varied fauna and flora.

Leyendas y mitos Baobab, África
Austerio Alonso

Baobab, king of trees

Widely extended over the African continent, majestic, impressive and monumental, the baobab has earned a level of respect that few species in Africa can match. It is believed that baobabs in the continent have their origin in Madagascar, from where

Chimpancés África Occidental
Austerio Alonso

Chimpanzees of Western Africa

Chimpanzees of West Africa The chimpanzees that live in Western Africa have been waking the scientists’ curiosity up for decades. These chimpanzees 4.300 years ago already were using tools of stone to open the fruits with rind, as the nuts

Cómo construimos nuestro camión
Austerio Alonso

How we built our overland truck

Coming back to Spain at the end of 2013, after our return form holidays, a trip of more than one year across Africa, he had in mind the idea of creating a small travel agency specialized in overland adventure trips

Camión 4x4 Kumakonda
Austerio Alonso

Our Overland Truck 4×4

Our overland truck is a 1928 Mercedes AS 4 × 4. With its powerful V8 engine and its all-wheel drive with differential lock, it is the ideal vehicle for the type of roads and trails that we will find in our travels in West

Viajar Solo, Viajes Single
Austerio Alonso

Travel Alone in West Africa

We know how complicated it is often to match holidays with your friends or partner to make together the trip you had in mind for a long time. Too often we see how the vast majority of agencies penalize people

África auténtica
Austerio Alonso

Overland Tours in West Africa

An overland tours in the vast majority of West African’s regions is a great adventure, sometimes unpredictable, perhaps this is one of the reasons why we both like this part of the continent so much. The climatic and social conditions,

África Occidental, África auténtica
Austerio Alonso

West Africa; Discover an Authentic Africa

Away from hordes of tourism that runs through other parts of the african continent, unknown and often stigmatized, West Africa remains an ideal destination for curious and adventurous travellers, who want to discover the old flavour of yesteryear travel .

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