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4800€ / Person

DR Congo, cultural immersion / 18 days – July 2024

14 July -
31 July 2024
Zambia and Congo

2300€ / Person

Zambia, Likumbi Lya Mize Festival in August 2024

18 August -
28 August 2024
Ilha da Baia dos Tigres​

2850€ / Person

Angola, Namib Desert and Baia dos Tigres/ October 2024 – 9 days

27 October -
4 November 2024
Salt Caravan Sahara

4250€ / Person

Salt Caravan Expedition in Chad, the initiatory journey – Nov 2024

24 November -
14 December 2024

3350€ / Person

Chad – Lake Chad, Ennedi & Ounianga / 19 days in January 2025

8 January -
26 January 2025
Viaje al Lago Chad

2600€ / Person

Lake Chad, a journey to the epicentre of Chad’s nomadic cultures

27 January -
4 February 2025


Trip to Casamance in Senegal, culture and dance of the Diola people

Trip to Casamance in Senegal, culture and dance of the Diola people Trip to Casamance in Senegal with Mara Bagossi to discover the culture and...

Emir Kano Nigeria

Sallah Durbar Festival in Kano, the magnificent celebration in Northern Nigeria

Back home after the Sallah Durbar Festival in Kano… Ranka ya Dede! (May you live long!) shouts the people and...


Sharo Ceremony, the scars of Fulani love in Nigeria

Sharo fulani ceremony in northern Nigeria We travelled to northern Nigeria to attend a Sharo or Shadi Fulani ceremony. There,...

Ilha da Baia dos Tigres​

Ilha da Baía dos Tigres​, trip to the southern Angola

Ilha da Baía dos Tigres​ A few days ago we travelled to the desert coast of the Namib in southern Angola...


Bogolán, the language of textiles

Bogolan, Mali’s earthenware textiles Bogolan, ‘mud textiles’ in the Bambara language, is the type of dyeing technique that artists in...

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