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3900€ / Person

DR Congo, cultural immersion / 18 days – July 2024

14 July -
31 July 2024

2750€ / Person

Congo (DRC) – Mukanda , Pende tradition, urban culture / August 2024

2 August -
14 August 2024

3900€ / Person

Niger: Gerewol Festival, Agadez Hausa territory, sultanates and animist ceremonies

24 September -
5 October 2024
Salt Caravan Sahara

4250€ / Person

Salt Caravan Expedition in Chad, the initiatory journey – Nov 2024

24 November -
14 December 2024


Planet Sahel, a borderline territory

The Sahel is a land of transition between the desert and the savannah that precedes the jungles of the south. It is a horizontal strip...

caravanas de sal en el desierto

Salt caravans in the Sahara, resistance or death

It is still possible to find salt for sale in the markets of the Sahel and Saharan cities such as...

arte rupestre de Ennedi Manda Guele

Ennedi rock art, Chad’s hidden treasure

The Ennedi rock art is one of the riches of Chad’s most important national park. A territory of more than...

Bori Hausa ceremony: animist practices in Niger

Niger is a diamond in the rough. With an enormous cultural heritage and very friendly people. We fell in love...

Lomako – Yokokala Wildlife Reserve in DR Congo

Created in 2006, the Lomaoko-Yokokala Reserve is a protected area with an area of 3,625 km² (slightly larger than Luxembourg)...

Feedback from our travelers

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Stephen Mak
Stephen Mak
7 Octubre 2023
I travelled with Kumakonda for the Chad Gerewol festivities in October 2023.The tour was well run, with a good balance between authenticity and comfort. Pre-trip administrative support on visa matters was also excellent.I have been in group / private tours with different travel agencies over the years, and I believe Kumakonda is one of the most professional ones. I would definitely consider travelling with them again for my future trips to other parts of Africa.
Kerstin Glässner
Kerstin Glässner
10 Septiembre 2023
I travelled with Kumakonda to DRC in August. One of the most unique and exotic experience. Not an easy country for travelling but Alonso made it possible. Mukanda ceremony is sooo impressive and will stay in my heart forever. If you wanna see extraordinary tribes and cultures Congo has a lot to offer. Million of thanks to Alonso and his team.
Morgan H.
Morgan H.
25 Abril 2023
Just got done with a 40 day transit overland road-trip from Chad to Guinea. It was so much fun! I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. I’m really appreciative for this trip because i got to see and experience a lot of things i couldn’t have done if I were traveling solo like i usually do. Great job! I would totally book with Kumakonda again!
Frederick Belton
Frederick Belton
24 Diciembre 2022
I was a member of the Dec. 2022 expedition to Chad, Ennedi Plateau and Ounianga Lakes. It was one of the most interesting and best organized tours I have ever experienced. Kumakonda provided accurate information about the trip beforehand and was immediately responsive to all my questions and concerns. Documents and other required paperwork, such as the contract and letter of invitation for the Chadian visa, were sent to me immediately after I made a deposit for the trip. Upon arrival in Chad, everything went completely smoothly. Accommodation in N'Djamena was in a good quality hotel with an excellent breakfast. We travelled to northern Chad in a convoy of Toyota Land Cruisers, all of which seemed to be in generally good condition. Alonso, the founder of Kumakonda, led the trip, and his vast knowledge of Chad and Africa in general greatly increased the interest of the experience. In addition to the spectacular scenery, every opportunity was taken to interact with local people, in particular nomadic herders.The drivers of our vehicles were extraordinary. They were incredibly knowledgable about the remote desert tracks, skilled in piloting the vehicles through deep sand and terrible roads, and were mechanical geniuses when it came to repairing the occasional tire or engine problems that invariably occur on any African journey. Kumakonda's Chadian parner Hamit was masterful at getting us quickly though the many police check points, and he helped create good relations with the nomadic people we encountered, allowing us the chance to make incredible photos of their way of life.In my experience there were really no negatives about the trip. Certainly you must expect some discomfort such as lack of bathing, having to do your business behind a bush, some long days of driving, and the need to awaken very early and help out with breaking camp. But for me this increased the enjoyment, to have the experience of real African travel.Should Kumakonda offer another journey of interest to me in the future, I will not hesitate to travel with them again. I highly recommend them for a great and authentic experience in Africa.
mark thomas
mark thomas
27 Febrero 2022
I travelled with Kumakonda to Ennedi and had a fantastic experience.. Alonso and Monica do a lot of work to make these trips successful , They were very helpful before the trip , giving rapid answers to questions and support with visas, I`m looking forward to travelling with them again. Mark United Kingdom
Edwin Edelenbos
Edwin Edelenbos
16 Enero 2022
I have travelled with Kumakonda in November 2021 with their 16-day Ennedi & Ounianga trip. It was flawless. No problems or hassle at all. Just amazing nature and impressive experiences. Of course Kumakonda works with a local company that executes the trip. After multiple desert trips I knew what to expect, but…this was a different level. During two weeks we never got lost, found the best sites and had always good contact with the locals (very important!). As an amateur photographer Alonso really did a lot to satisfy my photography needs. Thanks for that!! Alonso has a good nose for finding beer in the empty desert, like a camel smells water… Although I was not interested in beer, it might satisfy some of you even more!

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