Kumakonda travel in a simple way in West Africa, without luxury.

Our luxuries are all that surrounds us, people, nature, wild beaches, traditional villages, music, some good stories next to a bonfire, the smell of coffee in the morning, waking up in a magical place, we don’t need much more.

Overlanding West Africa

Overlanding West Africa

If your idea of adventure trip is getting into a car with air conditioning, stay each night in european standard hotels, have electricity 24 hours a day, have mobile coverage and Wi-Fi every night, find yourself in the campsites with hot water or even running water, if you get frustrated by the presence of a“bug” in your room, if you think that you will never try the local food, if you are not able to use a bush toilet if you needed, if you want to follow a tourist program with no modification, we can tell you that this kind of trip is not for you.

Adventure trips in West Africa

Who travels with us is willing to experience an adventure rather than an organized tour.

We must be clear on the type of travel we offer, telling you things clearly, and letting you know the possible challenges that we may find during the trip. 

We want you to be part of the adventure and not just a passenger.

In our trips overlanding West Africa, we don’t want to travel at full speed, according to a tourism program, in a huge vehicle, closing windows to reality, just looking through them as mere spectators.

We want you to feel the red dirt roads on which we go, its warm climate, the colours and  smells, so that you see what this unique region offers you with no barrier, strolling through markets, trying street food stalls, chatting with people, meeting a lot of curious children. We want you to enjoy the trip, that you open to improvisation if necessary and that you experience the  feeling of freedom that gives the African continent.

The cost of some of the visas for the countries we will visit can be from the $50 up to $140, so a high price to go at full speed through the country without taking time to visit.

Many of the areas that we will travel in, are very remote and have a lack of infrastructure or the poor state of them can cause some delays or changes.

In addition it is not our intention to do stressful trips, where travellers spend almost all the time inside the vehicle, or not having enough time to taste all those magical places that make this part of Africa so special.

Where we will stay and time organization when travel overlanding West Africa

Depending on the areas where we travel, the accommodation will be a combination of camping, small basic local accommodations and comfortable charming hotels. Sometimes, when we travel through very remote areas, we will camp.

It must be considered that many countries in this region have practically no tourist infrastructure, so that accommodations can be very basic. Lack of electricity or only for a few hours with generator, the lack of running water, and of course the lack of hot water, is very common in this region. You will discover the charm of having a shower with a bucket.

Tents and rooms are for two people. If you travel alone, you will share with a person of the same sex. We have no supplements for people travelling alone.

In our type of travel is essential to follow the schedules of nature. It may vary depending on the situation of the country and the seasons of the year.

In Africa the sunrise and the nightfall are earlier compared to the Spanish timetables. A typical day in our trip begins just before the sunrise, to take advantage during the daylight hours.

We also believe that it is important and necessary that every traveler has its own free time. We will have one or two days off in interesting spots to do whatever you want, relax or do any excursion or activity by yourself.