Chad Gerewol Festival, 6 days in October 2024

Trip to the Chad Gerewol Festival

Trip to Chad for attend the impressive Gerewol Festival in October 2024

After landing in N’Djamena and spending the first night, we will travel to the Chari Baguirmi pasture area in the heart of the Sahel. With the help of our local partners, we will find the nomadic camps of the two Wodaabe clans that will perform the Gerewol ceremony, which we will attend for three days, two of them full days.

Gerewol Chad

We will return to the Chadian capital on the fifth day of the trip to rest and spend the night in a comfortable hotel before flying back home the next day. A short trip for those who wish to experience one of the most impressive events in the Sahel. A spectacular beauty pageant performed by the nomadic Wodaabe.


Nomads Wodaabe

The Wodaabe are an indomitable people who live by and for their livestock. Faithful to their traditions, they carry in their blood the love of the freedom that nomadic life and the open spaces through which they roam offer them.

Gerewol Chad
Nomads Wodaabe

Every rainy season and until the beginning of the dry season in October, the numerous nomadic Wodaabe families concentrate around Dourbali and Massenya. These families belong to the two main Wodaabe clans in Chad: the Soudousoukaia and the N’Djapto. It is at this time, just before they disperse to central and southern Chad, that the Gerewol ceremonies take place, an impressive and colourful beauty contest in the middle of the Sahel. It is a unique opportunity to bond, find a partner and make new acquaintances before parting ways.

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Gerewol 2023
Testing danzing during the day

Living with the Wodaabe nomads

Equally as attractive as attending the various dances that take place every afternoon and evening of the Gerewol, is spending time with the Wodaabe in the nomadic camps. Early in the morning and when the heat begins to subside, the traveller will enjoy strolling among the Wodaabe families, seeing their incredible way of life and also witnessing the preparations for the Gerewol. The boys and girls prepare and put on their make-up all day long to look beautiful for the dances. We will be able to observe how they make the coloured dyes, how they chat and interact, in short, how this fascinating Wodaabe people live.

On the occasion of the Gerewol festival, various stalls are set up
Festival Gerewol
In the afternoon, young people put on make-up

Planned itinerary

Travel only to the Chad Gerewol Festival. Possibility to continue to Ounianga and Ennedi.

Day 1: Arrival in NDJ Transfer to hotel by taxi Irrisor Hotel Depending on arrival time in NDJ, free day to visit the capital or relax at the hotel. Passport will be handed over to the tour organiser for registration with the police.

Day 2 NDJ – Nomadic camps Normally our passports are ready first thing in the morning. Around 9 o’clock we start our journey to the Dorbali or Massenya regions. There is no fixed place to meet the nomads. In 2022 there was a lot of water and it was very difficult to get in and out of the camps. It rained and there was a lot of mud. They can be closer or further away from the capital depending on the pastures each year. You have to calculate between 3 or 4 hours to 7 hours as in 2022. Snack en route We hope to arrive in the afternoon. The Gerewol begins Camping

Trips to Chad
Mudflats near the nomadic camps in 2022

Days 3 and 4 GEREWOL and see the nomadic Wodaabe life. Festival and dance takes place in the afternoon and evening. The last day is all night. During the day our activity will be to have breakfast at 6 am and visit their camps. We can take as many photos as we want. At noon they start preparing for the festival, which is also very interesting. Lunch usually at 13:00

Midday meal in Wodaabe nomadic camps

When the heat decreases, the dances begin. At midday it is very hot and we are usually under a tree. 2 full days with the Wodaabes and Gerewol. Camping

Wodaabe women dance in the evening
Ndjapto clan during the Gerewol

Day 5 Wodaabes Camps – N’Djamena We will pick up our camp and return to NDJ. Depending on the distance of the camps, we might arrive in NDJ at noon or in the afternoon. The rest of the group heading to Ennedi will continue. Irrisor Hotel

Day 6 N’Djamena, end of the trip End of the trip in the morning after breakfast, transfer to the airport.


Complete trip to the Chadian Gerewol festival, Ennedi massif and Ounianga lakes

If you want to do the complete trip and after attending the Gerewol Festival you want to continue your journey to the north of Chad visiting Ounianga and Ennedi, here you have all the information: Gerewol of Chad, Ennedi massif and Ounianga lakes.

  • Start N’Djamena, 7 October 2024
  • End:  N’Djamena, 25 October 2024
  • Duration: 19 days
  • Price: 3.700€
Gerewol Festival

Gerewol Festival
  • Toyotas Land Cruiser 4×4 (4 passengers and driver)
  • Guide to Kumakonda
  • Cooks
  • All necessary government permits for travel in northern Chad
  • Letter of invitation to Chad necessary for obtaining a visa.
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off service in local taxis.
  • Tents for two people and sleeping pad – Tents for two people and sleeping pad.
  • Two nights (arrival and departure day) at the Irisor Hotel in a double room with breakfast.
  • 3 meals per day (not included in local restaurants).
  • Mineral water (1 bottle of 1.5l per person per day).
  • Exception: No meals are served on arrival and departure in N’Djamena.
  • International flights.
  • Travel and cancellation insurance.
  • Taxi fares for travel around N’Djamena.
  • Visa and visa formalities.
  • Drinks (soft drinks or alcoholic beverages).
  • Optional non-mandatory gratuities to local guides, cooks, etc.
  • Individual supplement of 300€ (room and tent) to be communicated at the time of booking.

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    1700€ /PERSON.

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      Travel with us​

      If you prefer, you can contact us directly by writing to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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