Congo River Expedition, April 2025

Congo River Expedition, April 2025

To get a full and quick idea of the vast expanses of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s jungle, you need to take a plane and fly over the north of the country for a few hours. But, this is not what we are going to propose you. In this Congo River Expedition, we propose a trip along the mythical river in its most attractive and impressive stretch to appreciate its majestic beauty and its complex life in detail. We will navigate the main artery of the green heart of Africa.

This river expedition will take us to discover the “universe” of the Congo River, where the river people struggle every day to get by. In a surreal, complicated and at the same time tremendously interesting country where there are hardly any roads or infrastructures, the Congo River and its tributaries are everything.

Navigation on the Congo River from Kisangani to Mbandaka

On this trip to Congo (DRC) we will embark on a 1,000-kilometre journey along Africa’s main river artery and the backbone of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This country cannot be understood without travelling along its rivers and experiencing them first-hand, as they represent the main link between the people, the cities, the ocean and the outside world.

Congo River Expedition: much more than a journey

This is no ordinary journey through a remote part of Africa, this will be an expedition through the different realities suffered by this part of the world. We will delve into many of the issues that shake the Congo and by extension the rest of the world. Deforestation, climate change, hunting of protected animals, monoculture, corruption, excess birth rate, difficulty in accessing drinking water, illiteracy, human rights, etc. At the same time, we will look at the other side of the coin, conservationism, sustainable agriculture projects, wildlife protection, teachers’ organisations, etc. This will be a vital journey into the depths of the Congo.

When you enter the DR Congo, whether you want to or not, every passenger will experience first-hand the emotional intensity that this country has to offer, far superior to any other African destination.

All life happens in its waters and on its shores, from religious ceremonies to what gives them their daily sustenance. Simply sailing becomes an open window through which to observe worlds very different from our own.

What to expect from this expedition?

We want to be very clear and straightforward, this fascinating yet complicated destination called the Democratic Republic of Congo demands it.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a difficult country, unstructured, chaotic, without infrastructure, expensive and where everything can change very quickly. We know this and we have experienced, suffered and enjoyed it in all our previous expeditions. We must not forget that there is no area free of social or tribal problems in the DRC and where there are none, they can arise out of nowhere in an explosive way. We want you to be very clear, nothing is guaranteed in this country.

Type of accommodation during the expedition Congo River

All accommodation beyond Kinshasa, Kisangani and Mbandaka will be absolutely very basic, and in many cases we will camp directly. We may camp or stay in Christian Missions, in fishing villages or directly in the bush. Perhaps, if we are lucky, we might camp on top of a balanier and enjoy the wonderful view of the Congo River from above.

Congo river expedition

Don’t expect a big boat, this is not a cruise. We will be travelling in a large canoe where you will be seated on chairs and we will have a canopy to cover us from the sun and rain. We will cook our own meals, usually fish and pasta. These will be basic meals as well as accommodation during the trip. We will sleep in Christian missions and sometimes we will have to camp in small villages or when there are not enough rooms for everyone.

Trip river Congo

Kisangani with its old colonial buildings, its relaxed atmosphere and its location downstream of the Boyoma rapids, marks the real beginning of the navigable part of the Congo River. From here the distance down the river to Kinshasa is more than 1,600 kilometres. Navigation is not without its problems. Strong winds, torrential rains and sandbanks are some of the challenges that the navigators of the old boats will have to face.

Wagenia, ancestral fishing on the Congo river

The Wagenia fisheries located in the rapids of the Congo River near Kisangani consist of large conical traps attached to scaffolding. Driven by the current, the fish are introduced into the traps.


Yangambi, hidden treasures in the Congo Basin

Sailing from Kisangani some 100 kilometres downstream on the Congo River, we reach this immense scientific city. Built by the Belgians in 1933, Yangambi housed until 1962 the most important research centre on the African continent for the study of tropical agriculture and forestry: Visit our post to learn more about the fascinating city of Yangambi.

trip Congo river

Navigation of the Congo River

Navigating the Congo River will be spectacular. Populations suspended over the water, huge barges crowded with goods and people, and the sensation of travelling on one of the most mythical rivers on the planet.

From Kisangani onwards, the still narrow Congo River widens to a width of 13 kilometres not far from Lisala. In the middle of this huge river current we find numerous islands covered by lush forests and inhabited by small fishing communities living in isolation. On our “Congo River Expedition” we will stop at markets, villages and places worth visiting.

Bizarre visits in DR Congo

Travellers accompanying us on this Congo River expedition will not leave the country without visiting some of the country’s bizarre religious groups. One of the most impressive is the Church of the Blacks, whose headquarters are on our route.

Travel Congo River

We love Kinshasa!

We will tour the centre of Kinshasa. We focus on current urban trends. We will visit some good friends, who are developing a lot of interesting projects in Kinshasa. We will spend the whole day with a lot of activities and visits. Meeting with Sapeurs, street performance with artists, etc.

  • Kumakonda tour guide and tour coordinator
  • Notarised letter of invitation in Kinshasa
  • Congolese guide and all related expenses.
  • All accommodation indicated on the route. *Accommodation in double room for two people. Double rooms in DRC and many other countries consist of one large bed. If you are travelling alone, you will share a room with
    another person regardless of gender.
  • Two regular internal flights within the DRC (Kinshasa – Kisangani and Mbandaka – Kinshasa).
  • All the necessary transport for the route, mainly motorised canoes and motorbike taxis.
  • All visits as indicated
  • Decathlon-style tent for two people.
  • All travel formalities and permits.
  • Transfers to and from airports.
  • Mineral water on the river crossing.
  • All meals (three per day) except in Kinshasa, Kisangani, Lisala, Buma and Mbandaka.
  • International flights.
  • Airport taxes “Go Pass” at the airports (30USD per person each way).
  • Travel and cancellation insurance.
  • Single supplement. If you wish to have your own room, you will have to pay for the costs
    if available at the time of booking.
  • Meals in hotels in major cities such as Kinshasa, Kisangani, Mbandaka or Buma.
  • Local taxis to get around Kinshasa and other cities when there are no scheduled visits.
  • Visas.
  • Special invitation letter from DGM (required at some embassies mainly in the US) 200USD.
  • Everything not specified in includes.

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    4800€ /PERSON.

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    5 May 2025,

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      Travel with us​

      If you prefer, you can contact us directly by writing to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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