West Africa, journey through our senses

West Africa, journey through our senses

We travel to West Africa through its sounds

West Africa is famous for the variety of its landscapes, but especially for its cultural diversity and rich history.

Due to our own experience and the experience of many of the travellers who have accompanied us in recent years, there is no doubt that the most attractive option for the traveller who delves into this fascinating region will be the mosaic of villages that make up West Africa. 

Festival in Casamance

Many of these villages still retain a great number of their ancient traditions.

To enter West Africa is to penetrate ancestral Africa, in a mysterious world of secret societies, initiation rites, masks and lots of music.

Music of West Africa

West Africa’s musical tradition is incomparably rich and varied, reflecting the ethnic diversity of this vast continent. It will be very easy to immerse yourself in the rhythms and sounds offered by West Africa, at every step you will find musical explosions at weddings, festivals, “maquis” or street shows.

If the traveller goes beyond the roar of everyday city life, he or she will discover a world of evocative sounds. From the spontaneous chats of the market and the children playing in the streets, to the polyphonic rhythms of everyday life so typically African, such as the mortar of the ” mamas “, the anvil of the blacksmiths, or the sewing machines. Almost all of them, forgotten or foreign sounds in our societies.

In this world of acoustic poetry of everyday life, the griots, guardians and transmitters of oral tradition in West Africa since time immemorial, show what their origins and roots are and where they are headed

Trip to Guinea Conakry and Sierra Leone at Easter 2020. Are you coming with us?

A complete trip to discover these two beautiful and unknown countries of West Africa.

The traveller will feel the warmth and hospitality of the inhabitants of these two countries. We will focus on small communities, where we are always greeted with huge smiles and a “bonne arrivée” or “welcome”.  

Travel through our senses. We will show you the flavours of the local food in each of the regions we pass through and we will feel how the heart speeds up with the rhythms of the balafones and djembés and the energetic Guinean dances.

Nature is generous in Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry, on foot we will discover river valleys and waterfalls in the highlands of Fouta Djalon and in the Sanctuary of Tiwai Island, a river island covered by tropical rainforest where an important and diverse concentration of primates live.

Flavors of West Africa

Passionate about West African food. We firmly believe that the typical flavours of each country are an indispensable part of any journey through Africa. 

Across West Africa, from Mauritania to Nigeria, we will find a rich variety of delicious seasonal vegetable dishes cooked with different sauces and sometimes accompanied by meat or fish.

The delicious Guinean mafé accompanied with beef or chicken, rice with manioc or potato leaves, grilled fish, the authentic couscous of “fonio”, the “achike” or some of the different types of “fufus” will be some of the succulent dishes that you will have the opportunity to try on this trip. 

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