Hiking in Fouta Djallon, Guinea Conakry

Fouta Djallon’s mountainous region is in the central – west area of Guinea Conakry.

Welcome to Fouta Djallon in Guinea Conakry

This mountain range of surrealistic reliefs which height goes between 700 and 1500 meters, is the source of some of the big rivers in Western Africa, as the Gambia, the Bafing (Senegal), the Bakoy, the Koliba, the Kolentè (Grand Scarcies), Kaba (Little Scarcies), or the Konkouré.

In addition Fouta Djalon’s oriental hillsides feed several tributaries of the Niger River; and the foothills placed to the south-east (close to the border with Sierra Leone) of this mountainous chain, known as Guinea Highlands shelter the source of the river Niger.

Fouta Djallon with its agreeable climate, majestic landscapes, countless waterfalls, impressive cannons, natural swimming pools for refreshing yourself, some rocky capricious formations, spectacular granite cliffs, it is an indispensable region in a West Africa trip for hiking lovers, since it offers many treks.

Some of the best villages to start visiting the Fouta Djallon region are Mali Yemberem, Labe, Ainguel, Doucki or Dalaba. From theses villages we can make great walks of one day or more, visiting canyons, waterfalls, caves, rivers and traditional villages.

Visiting peuls villages in Fouta Djalon

But not only Fouta Djallon offers to the traveler a gorgeous natural scene, this mountainous region inhabited by the Fula people, also called Peul, Fulani or Foulbé. Fulas nomadic people, with legendary cattle tradition are nowadays the majority group of the region. These cattle people were set up in Fouta Djalon because of good and extensive pastures.

In their villages and hamlets we will find a spontaneous hospitality, ancient alive traditions and we will enter a secret and cozy world surrounded by amazing beautiful landscapes.

On our trips in Guinee Conakry we will travel for several days in the Fouta Djallon region.

We will overnight in Dalaba, the highest city in Guinee, visit the beautiful waterfalls of Kambadaga and make hiking trails though Ainguel and Ley Fita villages and some of the best waterfalls and rivers.

Even more, on our way to Guinea Bissau we will travel through the Fouta Djalon region where we will camp in the bush in a spectacular area.

There are so many waterfalls in Fouta Djallon, some of the best known are Ditinn waterfalls in the surroundings of Dalaba with 80 fall meters, Kambadaga with multiple waterfalls, canyons and a natural viewpoint, some of the paths to get there are difficult it is but really spectacular specially in rainy season.

Kinkon is another beautiful cascade well known next to Pita but with a not friendly military check-point. Saala waterfall near Labe is also an essential place to visit and many more.

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