Trips to Angola

Angola is slowly emerging as a tourist destination after decades of civil war.

Angola offers the traveler a unique cultural heritage, isolated ethnic groups that preserve an ancestral way of life and untouched ecosystems. Even more, when you travel to Angola you will discover a spectacular coast dotted with beautiful sandy beaches and a mountainous interior that gives way to deep gorges and waterfalls.

Angola has a wide range of opportunities for tourism, being an easy country to visit with an acceptable infrastructure. 

Cultural diversity and natural beauty, the country also possesses a rich gastronomy (a fusion of African, Portuguese and Brazilian dishes) with delicious culinary specialties and its people known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Trips to Angola

As Angola is opening towards the rest of the world, more and more travelers are interested in the wonderful landscapes and unique tribal groups that Angola offers.

Next expedition in 2022. We’ll be providing more information about the country.

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