Angola, Namib Desert and Baia dos Tigres/ October 2024 – 9 days

Trip to Angola to tour the Namib Desert and Baia dos Tigres

Trip to Angola focusing on the Namib Desert and Baia dos Tigres. In this trip to Angola we will focus on crossing the Iona National Park through the Doodsakker Pass to reach Ilha dos Tigres, an incredible journey through the Namib Desert enjoying the spectacular landscapes of dunes and sea.

This trip will take place at the best possible time of the year as we will have the opportunity to see a huge number of sea lions during our coastal route.

From Foz de Cunene we will go back up to Lubango via Virey. On this stretch of the journey we will see tribes such as Mucubal and Himbas and near Lubango, Muilas.

Angola, an exciting destination

The years that plunged Angola into the chaos of war are long gone. On this trip to Angola you will discover that this is a serious country, comfortable to visit, with decent infrastructure, a friendly population and immense tourist potential.

Modernity is making its way into the major cities: Luanda, Lubango and Lobito but not far from any of them there is an ancestral and tribal world that remains alive.

Nature is overwhelming in places like the Namib Desert, which we will explore. Of course, as usual on our trrips, we will continuously sample the local food and party on many occasions.

Road trip in Angola

In Luanda we will visit Santiago beach, a spectacular ship graveyard and its lively fishing port. We will climb the Luanda fortress to see the city from the top.

From Namibe, we travel south to see the interesting geological formations of Arco, the fishing port of Tombua and the breathtaking scenery of Iona National Park, where huge dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean.

Iona National Park

Iona National Park is located 200km from Namibe in southern Angola and forms part of the northern tip of the Namib. This is the country’s largest nature reserve, and is a region that holds some of the most fantastic scenery you’ll see on this trip to Angola.

This park has 160 km of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, from Tombua to Foz de Cunene, and that coastline is a spectacular stretch of dunes and desert that ends abruptly at the Atlantic on many occasions. Incidentally, this marine area is in the process of becoming Angola’s first coastal protected area.

Baia dos Tigres

From Tombua, the last town, a three-hour 4×4 journey through the desert to Baia dos Tigres awaits us. A spectacular journey through dunes and desert beach to reach one of the most remote and isolated places on the West African coast. You have to drive half of the famous Doodsakker, a treacherous stretch that can only be done at low tide.

Trip to Angola

Visiting Ilha dos Tigres, a passion for abandoned places

Weather permitting we will take a boat from the Namib coast to the Ilha dos Tigres where we will walk through the deserted village with its old colonial buildings.

Continue to Foz de Cunene, the natural border with Namibia, and then into the interior of the Iona National Park. From Espinheira we will try to visit some Himba villages.

Southern tribal Angola

In the tribal south of Angola there are a lot of different tribes, some of which we are sure to meet on our route. In the vicinity of Iona National Park there are some Himba settlements. Further north towards Virey you will see Mucubal settlements. Not far from Lubango live the Muila. We are likely to see these three different tribes on our Angola road trip.

Most Angolan tribes pay special attention to their appearance. Hairstyles, jewellery, attire, colours… they reveal a sense of aesthetics that may seem strange, but will always be fascinating.

Trip to Angola
Muila women not far from Lubango

Travel to Angola to discover its colonial heritage

The streets of Namibe are painted in bright colours and it is a delight to stroll through them, chat with the locals and have a good beer from time to time in some of the tavernas. In Namibe, we’ll also stay in a pleasant colonial house that has been converted into a basic guesthouse, and we’ll be sure to try the Congolese-style clams. 😉.

Trip to Angola
Namibe streets

If you want to sign up for this trip, don’t hesitate to ask us for the route and the rest of the details – Angola does not disappoint! 😊

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