Mercedes overland truck 4×4 for sale

Characteristics of our Mercedes 4×4 overland truck

  • PRICE: 35.000€
  • Model: Mercedes AS 4X4 1928 homologated in Spain as a truck motorhome
  • Year of the truck 1982 – year of the passenger compartment 2015. Year of repairs of engine, gearbox, etc.: 2016
  • Number of seats in Spanish papers: 2 passengers
  • Number of seats in Gambian or Chadian documents: 14 passengers
  • Engine: V8 with 16.000cc (complete engine rebuilt with 25.000kms)
  • Gearbox: 8×2-speed ZF ( repaired in its entirety)
  • Differential locks and super-reduced speed mode
  • Body built and homologated as a truck motorhome in Spain, built in 2015.
  • 2 water tanks of 250 litres each
  • 220w electrical installation
  • Reinforced roof with luggage rack
  • Currently large sand wheels with inner tubes
  • Air intakes

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Mercedes 4x4 overland for sale
Ennedi, Chad
Overland truck 4x4 for sale

Overland truck 4×4 for sale

After having made several trips with passengers in West and Central Africa over the last few years and having enjoyed some great adventures, the time has come to say goodbye to our loved 1928 Mercedes 4×4 truck and offer it for sale. Our personal and business needs have changed quite a bit in recent times and we now prefer to focus on other styles of trips.

We can quickly sell our vehicle in Africa for “local” use, but we are very sad to see the passenger box being disposed of as we think there is surely someone who can continue to give it the use it deserves.

The vehicle is currently in NDJ, the capital of Chad, and will be transferred “on the road next year” in Cameroon or Chad. Chad is our main travel destination.

Mercedes overland truck for sale
Mercedes overland truck for sale

Overland truck Mercedes 1928 AS 4×4

With its powerful V8 engine, 16,000cc displacement and all-wheel drive with differential locks, it is an ideal vehicle for African roads and tracks.  Because of their durability, reliability and ease of repair, Mercedes trucks are very popular throughout Africa, ensuring that repair and spare parts facilities are readily available in the event of a breakdown.

We have prepared and adapted the back cabin of the truck in Spain. Our truck is designed so that a group of up to 14 people can travel comfortably in bus seats and 2 in the cab. The seats are facing each other instead of in the direction of travel and have 7 approved windows.

Overland truck for sale in Africa

How we built our truck to make trips in Africa, the origin

On our return to Spain at the end of 2013, after a trip of more than a year in Africa, the idea of creating a small travel agency, specialised in adventure truck trips in Africa, was on our minds.

The apparently simple idea consisted of looking for a truck with very specific characteristics, which would adapt to our needs and build in it a cabin that would allow a group of 16 travellers to travel comfortably, with their respective luggage, and with all the necessary equipment to have autonomy for several days, such as: cooking and camping equipment, clean water tanks, 12v, 24v and 220v electrical installation, integrated luggage compartments in the chassis, awning, roof rack, etc. 

It was clear to us that the truck had to be Mercedes, specifically SK/NG models and if possible 4×4. It would not be easy to find one that convinced us. Most of these Mercedes NG/SK trucks in Spain have been exported to West Africa. These are highly valued models in this part of Africa and in general in any part of the world where road and climatic conditions are extremely harsh and there are no “modern” workshops to repair vehicles with electronics. In those years, Mercedes built very tough engines, able to withstand the toughest jobs and conditions, easy to repair and without any electronic components. 

After several months of searching in mid-2014, we finally found the truck we needed in Girona, Catalonia.

We had a Mercedes 1928 AS 4X4, with the characteristics we were looking for, powerful V8 engine without turbo (more durable), with all-wheel drive, differential locks and reduction gear, ZF 8×2 gears, chassis height prepared for the field, and in a more than acceptable condition for its years. Of course it would have to be tuned and tested, but that would be later.

We built a solid iron structure that would withstand the roughest roads and situations we would encounter on our travels in West Africa and would not warp over time.

The exterior and interior finishings are made of polyester, with aluminium reinforced corners, easier to repair in case a “fat” branch or a rock protrusion hits the bodywork. In addition, the entire body has been covered with thermal insulation, to make the cabin temperature more comfortable when travelling. A priority for us is the visibility of the passengers, so we have put 7 windows of considerable size plus one in the door, in order to have a good view on the road. All the windows are safety windows and are homologated.

In order to make the best use of space, we had to utilise all of the chassis recesses and even the space under the seats. In the chassis we integrated two custom-made stainless steel tanks of 250 litres each. In the remaining space we created luggage compartments, some of them side by side. We needed a large luggage compartment and decided to place it at the rear of the truck. This same rear luggage compartment was used inside, in the passenger area, to store the hand luggage of all the passengers.

As far as the electrical system is concerned, we have installed a system with an automatic switchboard and independent lines that allows us to connect to the outside or to our own generator (220v). In addition, with transformers we can have 12v power while we are on the move and recharge our electrical appliances. We have light points in the interior with portholes (LED), exterior and interior sockets in the boot, etc.

We finish the work on the truck’s cabin, with sturdy supports for the two spare wheels, a stainless steel roof rack that covers the entire perimeter of the truck and will allow us to make a good stockpile of food, firewood or whatever we need when we go into remote areas, two access ladders to the cabin and roof rack, integrated support for awning and a few more accessories…

Repairs done on our Mercedes 4×4 truck

The truck we originally bought was in a poor condition.

  • We did the whole engine block in Madrid,
  • The gearbox
  • We changed a large number of valves and tubes.

All these repairs made in Talleres Miguel Ángel de Leganés, a great specialist in heavy vehicles.

Adaptation of the truck to Africa

Over the years we have adapted the truck to our needs by making many improvements and changes.

overland truck for sale

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