Hiking in the Volta region, Ghana. Trip Ghana, Togo and Benin

This is the most eastern region of Ghana, along the border with Togo, which is mostly mountainous. With an extraordinary scenic beauty, impressive waterfalls, tropical forests, lagoons, magnificent valleys and hills makes of the Volta region one of nature’s most attractive spots of the whole Ghana.

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In the last years, Ghana has emerged as a pioneer country in ecotourism based on the community, which aim is to create a relationship of mutual benefit between conservationists, tourists and local communities.

Volta’s region shelters the major sites concentration of ecotourism communities of the country, and offers excellent opportunities to open air lovers for hiking and other activities. There are great places of interest in this zone of Ghana, some of them are the sacred monkeys in Tafi Atome, the forests and waterfalls of Amedzofe surroundings, also Liati Wote surroundings from where we can realize the ascent of mount Afadjato, the highest beak of the country, or the spectacular Wli Falls, the highest waterfall of Western Africa.

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Amedzofe is the principal “city” of Avatime’s hills and it will be our base to explore this zone. Close to this old German mission, which was in its days Amedzofe, we find the Gemi Mount of 760 meters hihg, from where we have wonderful panoramic views of all the Avatime’s hills and even the Volta lake. There are great the hikes at Avatime’s hills, nice waterfalls, paths across overflowing jungle vegetation, always accompanied of hundreds of butterflies and nice birds.

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The Mount Adfajato in Liati Wote’s surroundings, with its 885 meters high, is the highest beak in Ghana. Liati Wote’s surroundings also offer interesting hiking routes, well handled by the local community. One of them is the excursion to the most beautiful waterfalls Tagbo, in which the path goes across different tropical crops, as papayas, bananas, avocados, cocoa, etc, small creeks are crossed and butterflies of all sizes and colours can be observed.

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In our trip Ghana, Togo and Benin of March, 2017 (Accra – Accra), we will explore by foot many of these and other places


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