Explore Benin, one of the most fascinating countries in Africa. The birthplace of voodoo and a pivotal platform of the slave trade for nearly three centuries.

Travel to Benin

The Republic of Benin is located in the Gulf of Guinea in between Nigeria, Togo, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Geographically, the country is divided into five natural regions: the coastal region, the plateau area, a high plateau with wooded savanna in the north, a mountainous region in the northwest ("Atakora") and the fertile plains next to the Niger River in the northeast.

Benin is a paradise for lovers of anthropology and ethnography. On a trip to Benin you will discover and live an authentic Africa, full of rituals, where voodoo is the official religion and not a tourist attraction.

Formerly Benin was the powerful Kingdom of Dahomey, from where thousands of slaves embarked to the new world. Interesting museums that will remind us of an atrocious history, ancient UNESCO heritage palaces, colorful markets where we will find curious fetishes are just some cultural visits that we offer.

In the valleys of the Atakora mountain range, in the north of Benin, we find the Somba Country or Otomari Country, a unique natural and cultural territory, where we will find the fascinating tatas, or castle houses.

Top visit in our trips to Benin

 -Ganvie, the African Venice. Around 25,000 thousand people live in this lacustrine town. 

-Taneka country: the Taneka people live in the mountains of Northern Benin, it is a fascinating population where voodoo dignitaries play a leading role within society. The feticheurs are mysterious figures and with a magical aura, they guard the secrets of ancestral rituals, and practice traditional medicine.

- Ouidah (Ouidah), religious capital of voodoo. The temple of the pythons, the door of the "no return" or the history museum are some of the attractions of Ouidah. 

- Somba country, beautiful mountain landscapes in Atakora valley and fortified houses in nothern Benin

- National Park of Pendjari, one of the best and largest wildlife reserves in West Africa, the most similar to a classic safari. 

-Porto Novo, museums, old colonial buildings, an impressive Afro-Caribbean style mosque and relaxed atmosphere in its streets and many possibilities to attend a traditional ceremony  

-Grand Popo, a very cozy beach town, with beautiful surroundings, where it is possible to attend voodoo rituals. 

-Voodoo ceremonies like Zangbeto or Gambada. In the tiny West African nation of Benin, Voodoo remains the state religion

-Holi tribe. Visit and stay with one of the most interesting tribes in West Africa.

Tailor made trips to Benin

We can design a trip only to Benin we can combine it and tour also some of its neighboring countries, such as Togo and Ghana or Burkina Faso.

On our trips to Benin we will incorporate a good local guide who will help us to better understand the culture and history of the country.

The level of comfort and adventure as well as the duration of the trip may vary according to the preferences of the client.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to write to info@kumakonda.com 




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