Why travel overland in Africa?

After years traveling overland in the African continent we are firmly convinced that trucks are the best means of transportation for group travel in Africa.

Good reasons to travel overland in Africa with Kumakonda

Reliable, hard, robust, safe, load-bearing, capable of passing through really difficult places (4×4) and comfortable for our passengers, these are the main strengths offered by our truck, specially prepared and built to perform travel through Africa.

Adventure overland tours in Africa

Overland West Africa in Guinea

Travelling in groups in Africa

Share experiences and live together with other passengers

One of the big differences between overlanding Africa, and travel in a more conventional way is that the journey itself becomes a very important part of the trip and not only the destinations.

Sharing the great adventure of this kind of trip, working together, telling stories and sharing experiences, or living together day by day with other passengers, are the memories that will live forever in the minds and hearts of the traveler.

Contact with nature and with local populations or the privilege of waking up wherever we want

One of the most enjoyable experiences about overlanding is the possibility of sleeping in places with no infrastructure, in natural areas (National Parks, places with panoramic views, etc.) or in remote settings, where we can interact with the local population and know about their culture and way of life.

Self-sufficiency and feeling of freedom

The size of our truck and its load capacity enables us to travel with complete camping equipment, made up of high quality tents, comfortable mattresses, kitchen equipment, chairs, tables and a large water tanks.

All these advantages give us the possibility of being self-sufficient for several days and to be able to step away from the main tourist routes to get to really remote sites. This self-sufficiency and the magic of traveling through Africa, is what gives us an incomparable sense of freedom.

Comfort and views

Inside the truck each passenger has more space than in a conventional 4×4 vehicle or a passenger van.

You will travel overland in Africa, in bus seats and you can take with you your hand luggage, your book or your camera. The inside of the truck is 2.10 meters height.

When the road is in good conditions it is customary that many of our passengers, play cards or read a book. The height of the truck and its wide windows gives us a great panoramic view during the trip.

European driver and guide

Although we always like to work together with good local guides to know the depths of the culture and the role of the environment where we travel, we carry our trips with a european driver, with a great driving experience with all types of trucks and vehicles throughout Africa.

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    If you prefer, you can contact us directly by writing to info@kumakonda.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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