Ivory Coast tour at Easter 2019 (8days / 7 nights) On this trip to Ivory Coast we will discover through its different landscapes a country with a unique cultural diversity.
On this Ivory Coast tour in easter we will discover through its different landscapes a country with a unique cultural diversity and diversity, we will visit traditional villages and disproportionate modern capitals and every afternoon we will be able to see how the Ivorian people are one of the friendliest and most cheerful people of all Africa.
  • Departure  Saturday April 13, 2019 Grand Bassam (Abidjan)
  • Arrival Saturday April 20 2019 Grand Bassam (Abidjan)
  • Minimum and maximum group: 8/14 passengers
  • Low Difficulty
  • Cultural style / ethnicity
  • Accommodation style Hotel: 70% – Camping: 30%
  • Price 1,490 EUROS

Trip to Ivory Coast at Easter 2019 (8days / 7 nights)


In Grand Bassam, the old capital of Ivory Coast, we will begin our trip. The old mansions of the Grand Bassam colonial district (UNESCO heritage), its art galleries, its cafés and restaurants and its relaxed atmosphere invite you to discover this historical city on foot.

In Yamoussoukro, eccentric capital of the Ivory Coast is the colossal basilica of Our Lady of Peace, a place that will leave the traveler speechless.

We will stop in the Baulé country where we will attend a Goli mask dance.

The Baulé people have the same lineage as the Akan people originally from Ghana. Like the Akan, the Baulé people have maintained their complex social hierarchy and their own cultural traditions.

On our way to the north of Ivory Coast, we will visit the mosque of Kong, Sudanese style.

We will continue our trip to the heart of Senufo country; Korhogo, known for their handicrafts. Each village in the surroundings develops its own specialty with great mastery, weavers, blacksmiths, tanners, etc.

In the afternoon we will visit the neighborhood of Korhogo where the Karite butter is produced and then we will be able to attend the initiatory dance of the panther men, known as the Boloye dance.

On the way to Boundiali we will turn off towards Niofoin, the most beautiful and interesting town in the whole region. Around Boundiali we will visit traditional Peul villages nestled in the middle of the savannah, where women wear lipstick tattoos and colorful dresses.

At dusk we will witness again another incredible dance, possibly one of the most spectacular in Cote d'Ivoire, where women with bare torso will dance to the rhythm of balafon and flutes while a dancer will dance on fire.

We continue our journey towards the region of Dix-Huit Montagnes in the west of Ivory Coast, home of the Dan ethnic group, famous for its sacred acrobatic dances and its striking masks, where we will camp in a beautiful traditional village next to the sacred forest. 

In Man we will visit its interesting market and we will have the opportunity to make a small hiking trail in the surrounding mountains. 


Day 1 Saturday. Grand Bassam (Ivory Coast)

  • Transfer from the airport to Grand Bassam
  • Meeting throughout the day at the Grand Bassam hotel.
  • Free day to explore the old capital of Ivory Coast. You can stroll through the French Quarter with its old colonial buildings in decadent state, witness the passage of time, the lively fishing village of N’Zima, its beautiful bay or its stunning beaches. Grand Bassam has a good offer of art galleries, restaurants and leisure.
  • Hotel la Madrague

Day 2 Sunday. Grand Bassam – Yamoussoukro – Bouaké (445 km)

  • Estimated driving time: 6 hours.
  • Early in the morning we will go to Yamoussoukro, the surreal capital of Ivory Coast. Excessive city, with huge avenues of eight and ten lanes, huge walks full of streetlights and empty people and a colossal basilica (Our Lady of Peace) made in the likeness of St. Peter’s in the Vatican.
  • After visiting the basilica and having lunch in Yamoussoukro we will continue our journey towards Bouaké.
  • We will stop at a Baoule village, famous for its weavers, where we will attend a dance of Goli masks.
  • Hotel: Mon Afrik de Bouake

Day 3 Monday. Bouaké – Kong – Korhogo (Country Senufo) 400 km

  • Estimated driving time: 7 hours
  • From Yamoussoukro we will travel to Kong to visit his mosque, built in the Sudanese style.
  • Korhogo, heart of the mysterious Senufo country whose inhabitants are heirs of centuries-old craft traditions that lead to practice with an admirable, unique and surprising mastery.
  • Visit the neighborhood of Korhogo where Karite butter is produced.
  • Olympe Hotel

Day 4 Tuesday. Korhogo – Niofoin – Boundiali (160 km)

  • Estimated driving time: 3 hours
  • Between Korhogo and Boundiali we will turn aside to visit the town of Niofoin, one of the most picturesque of Ivory Coast. Niofoin is a typical Senoufo village whose houses are made of adobe and reflects the rhythm of quiet life in rural Africa.
  • To the north of Boundiali we will visit traditional Peul villages, where their women wear colorful dresses and proudly wear their lip tattoos.
  • We will attend the dance of fire, south of Boundiali. The women dance around the bonfire to the rhythm of the balafones and flutes, while one of the men walks over the fire.
  • Camping in the village of dances.
  • Dinner and breakfast with picnic.

Day 5 Wednesday. Boundiali – Godofuma (310 km)

  • Estimated driving time: 5 hours
  • Godufuma is located in the heart of the Dan Country in the west of Ivory Coast. The Dan are an animist people that preserves many of their ancestral rites. In this beautiful village of traditional buildings located in the forest, we will attend a dance of masks with acrobatic dances, as well as enjoying the incredible hospitality of the people.
  • Night in Godofuma, camping or stay in private houses depending on the size of the group.
  • Dinner and breakfast with picnic.

Day 6 Thursday. Godofuma – Man (120 km)

  • Estimated driving time: 2 hours
  • Relaxed day in which we will have the opportunity to visit the Man market, visit a craft center or do some small hiking in the surrounding mountains.
  • Hotel La Cascade

Day 7 Friday. Man – Grand Bassam (600 km)

  • Estimated driving time 8/9 hours
  • Today will be a long day of driving.
  • Hotel La Madrague

Day 8 Saturday. Grand Bassam

  • End of the trip at 11:00 hours.
  • Transfer to the airport
  • If you fly with Tap you fly at 22:25 on Saturday.
  • Possibility of using the room in “day use”. It will be paid directly to the hotel



  • Spanish guide with assistance in spanish, english and french
  • Local guides in the Senoufo, Dan and Baoulé country 
  • Transportation during the trip, gasoil and vehilce rates
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off service
  • Specified hotels
  • All breakfast and meals during the trails in maquis or local restaurants
  • Dinners when camping
  • Visits and specified activities
  1. Entrance to the Basilica of Yamoussoukro
  2. Goli dance in the Baoule country.
  3. Visiting fees and local guides in the senufo villages of Korhogo that we visit, Ivory Coast
  4. Dance of the panther men.
  5. Dance of fire.
  6. Visit rates peuls settlements
  7. Visiting fees and guides in the Dan villages we visit in western Ivory Coast.
  8. Acrobatic sacred dances of the Dan people.
  9. Guided hiking route in Man.


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Camping teng, mat and sleeping bag (We recommend to have a basic and economic )
  • Meals and dinners when we are located in a city (Grand Bassam, Man)
  • Drinks
  • Optional activities
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses

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