Gerewol of Niger with Agadez and Hausa territory

Trip to Gerewol of Niger, a country to be discovered

Niger has always been on our list of countries to discover because the lands of the Sahel have a powerful attraction for us, as it is synonymous with nomadic cultures and hospitality. Being no stranger to the latest news about Niger, nor to its delicate situation, we have made a prospective trip in October 2023 and we are finally in a position to bet on this destination and take on its challenges. Today we present a fascinating trip to Niger.

Why Niger? This vast country, located in the Sahel strip, has a fantastic cultural richness and we would like to invite you to discover it:

    • The Gerewol festival of the Fulani (Peul) people of Niger, which a few decades ago was one of the most coveted trips for photographers.
    • Agadez, one of the most important cities in the Sahel, a crossroads for caravans, nomadic groups and a World Heritage Site.
  • The cities of southern Niger and their imposing Sahelian-style architectural tradition, such as Yaama
  • The arid landscape of the Sahel, dotted with villages where granaries and agricultural activity mingle with nomadic groups.
city of agadez

Agadez, the pearl of the Sahara

Agadez was once frequented by tourists, and an essential stop for the organisers of the famous Paris-Dakar rally. Long before that, the famous explorer Heinrich Barth came here in the 1850s and you can still visit the house where he stayed.

At the crossroads of the salt caravans that crossed the Sahara, a link between the Maghreb and Black Africa, its old town built in adobe has been a World Heritage Site since 2013 and should not be missed on our trip to Niger.

In addition to walking through its streets and discovering its great mosque, we can go to the central market and livestock market to learn about Tuareg society, and delight in the handicrafts of jewellery, leather and wooden objects that are so characteristic of this ethnic group.

agadez mosquee

Gerewol of Níger

From Agadez we will head to the transhumance region where the Bororo celebrate their Gerewol festival. We will visit their camps, observe how they prepare their make-up and how they dance, both during the day and at night.

These will be intense days camping in the Sahel and living with this fascinating ethnic group at one of the most special times of the year for them.

At Kumakonda we have been travelling to the Gerewol festival in Chad for years. If you don’t know the Bororo and their Gerewol festival, we invite you to read this article about the Wodaabe of Chad.

Gerewol of  Niger
Chad 2023 Gerewol image

Niamey and the spectacular Yamaa

Our route will continue through desert landscapes towards Jamaa, one of the great surprises of our exploration of Niger. Known as “the city of 33 mosques”, it is a spectacular sight.

The end of the trip will be in Niamey, where, depending on the time we have available, we will be able to navigate the Niger River by pinaza and go to meet fishing villages. If we are lucky, we will see hippos and flocks of migratory birds.

Gerewol of  Niger
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