Gabon: Eden expedition – 14 days / May 2024

Trip to Gabon, Ivindo and Lope parks (exploratory trip)

Trip to Gabon with a prospective part in Ivindo where we will visit two of its two most renowned National Parks. We will start the trip in Ivindo National Park where we will make an expedition on foot, by boat and 4×4 for several days. We will cross Ivindo from north to south, starting at Makokou and Kongou Falls. Our main visit, apart from the waterfalls, will be the Langoue Bai, a clearing in the forest famous for its concentration of wildlife. Gorillas are a common sight at this bai in May and June.

We will continue our journey in the Lope de Lope National Park.

Trip to Gabon
Trips to Gabon

Route through Ivindo / Days 4 to 9 Ivindo National Park

  • DAY 4 Transfer to Makokou- Kongou Falls (3 hours by boat), excursion to the canyon (3 hours on foot), overnight at Kongou camp.
  • DAY 5 Kongou. Twin waterfalls about 2h30 walking / Okomé circuit about 3 – 4 h walking in the forest.
  • DAY 6 Kongou – Makokou – Boué / 200km, unas 5h de pista en 4×4
  • DAY 7 Boué – Baï de Langoué / 50km, 6h in 4×4, crossing the Ivindo river. From the end of the track to the Langoué camp 7km 2h walking. From the Langoué camp to the viewpoint 3km about 1h30 walking.
  • DAY 8 Baï de Langoué. Second visit to the baï di Langoué, overnight at the Langoué camp or the observation tower to see the wildlife.
  • DAY 9 Langoué – Booué. Return to Langoué bivouac, 1h30 on foot Again crossing the Ivindo river by barge and 6h of 4×4 for 50km. Night in Booué

Bai de Langoue, the jewel of the Ivindo National Park

The Bai de Langoue is a clearing or open space located within a vast expanse of forest. Bai means in local languages ‘a clearing through which a river flows’ or ‘where the animals eat’ depending on who you ask). These clearings in the forest are used by animals to feed, drink, socialise and obtain minerals from the rich, nutritious soil. The Langoue clearing or bai sometimes sees up to 90 forest elephants visiting but there are also multiple groups of gorillas, forest buffalo, huge herds of red river hogs and a resident population of sitatunga. Animal visits to the Longoue Bai are seasonal and also depend on a luck factor. June is a good month to be able to find gorillas at the Bai.

Trip to Gabon

Kongou Waterfalls in Ivindo National Park

The Kongou Falls, on the Ivindo River in the Ivindo National Park, are located about 50 kms from Makokou, the northern entrance to the National Park. These falls are among the most spectacular in Africa. They stretch for 3 kilometres and come in a series of higher and lower falls. To get there, we will take a canoe and travel 3 to 4 hours by river from Makokou.

Lope National Park

A mix of open savannah of rolling grasslands with dense rainforest, Lope National Park where game drives can easily spot jungle elephants and forest buffalo. Lope is also famous for the huge groups of baboons that inhabit the park. In 1996 a group of 1,350 baboons was recorded, the largest known gathering of wild primates. Although they are not easy to see, the best time to see them is during the dry months of July and August.

During your visit to Lope National Park, you will have the opportunity to climb Mount Brazza from where you can enjoy spectacular views of Lope.

Lambarene and Albert Schweitzer

Lambaréne is a pleasant and interesting town steeped in colonial heritage. It stretches along the Ogooue River, and part of the town occupies a large island in the middle of the river. It is famous for its hospital, which was founded exactly a century ago by Dr. Albert Schweitzer. We will visit and stay at the historic Albert Schweitzer Hospital, which is still in operation. This fascinating hospital complex dates back to the mid 1920s and the original buildings now house a museum. Albert Schweitzer, a Nobel Prize winner, was a German theologian, philosopher, musicologist and missionary doctor and above all provided a great medical service to the local population.

  • Todos los alojamientos indicados en habitación doble para dos personas. En Gabón y buena parte de África las habitaciones dobles consisten en una cama grande. Si se viaja solo, se compartirá habitación indistintamente del sexo.
  • Ruta de seis días en el Parque de Ivindo (pensión completa tipo vivac)
  • Actividades en Lope: trekking por la mañana y safari por la tarde
  • Todos los traslados en transporte público, mini-bus, 4×4 y todo lo que sea necesario. Es obvio decir que los vehículos normalmente no disponen de aire acondicionado o no funciona.
  • Comidas en la ruta de Ivindo de 6 días
  • Visita del Museo Albert Schweitzer
  • Tienda de campaña individual
  • Transfer desde y al aeropuerto
  • Vuelos
  • Visado
  • Seguro de viaje
  • Bebidas y comidas a excepción de Ivindo donde serán tipo picnic.
  • Taxis para moverse por las ciudades si fuese necesario
  • Suplemento individual para las habitaciones de hotel (300€). A consultar disponibilidad.

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      If you prefer, you can contact us directly by writing to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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