Travel to Sierra Leone, 12 reasons why you should not miss this country

Still thinking about old clichés? … Forget about it! Do you think that traveling to Sierra Leone is not safe? War and conflicts ended in 2002.

Today Sierra Leone is an incredibly beautiful country, totally safe, with a stable democracy and many tourist attractions to offer to the present traveler.

On our tailor made trips to Sierra Leone or the programmed overland expeditions in our  truck, you will discover one of the most interesting and unknown destinations of West Africa

When you travel to Sierra Leone , you will discover one of the most interesting and unknown destinations in West Africa. Traveling through Sierra Leone is still an exciting adventure in times of globalization and wholesale package tours.

According toAccording to the United Nations World Tourism Organization , Sierra Leone is the world’s fastest growing travel destination with an increase of 310% in 2016. And we know why. The Telegraph

12 reasons to travel to Sierra Leone


Viajes a Sierra Leona



The incredible capital of Sierra Leone. Imagine a peninsula, with lush mountains descending towards a turquoise blue sea.

In one corner of this peninsula there is Freetown, encased between the slopes of the mountains and the sea. It’s a city full of life, racket, noise, with old krio-style wooden buildings that remind the old American architecture. Traffic chaos, all kinds of street stalls, clothes, food, etc.

Freetown is always moving, people, cars, motorbikes in all directions through the narrow alleys, is what we will find in the center of Freetown.

People of Freetown (especially the young ones) wear a street style, tattoos, the rapper style of New York, urban clothing, they like the “look” of bad guys. A bit of conversation with many of them and they will end up asking you to take some pictures with you. At night there are many bars where you can go for a drink and enjoy the music at full blast until your body gives out. But do not forget that a city like Freetown you can read about it but you must experience it!!!

Viajar a Sierra Leona

Freetown Peninsula

This peninsula offers some of the best beaches along the West Coast of Africa. A stay at one of these paradisiacal beaches would be reason enough to travel to Sierra Leone.

Here you will find the typical beach postcard; Palm trees, fine white sand and transparent waters. Although each person should make their choice but our favorites are River Number 2 and Bureh Beach which have facilities managed by local communities.

You can also visit Banana Island, Bunce Island, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary or take a boat to see the crocodiles that inhabit River Nnumber 2. At Bureh Beach you can rent a surfboard or have surf classes operated by locals at the surf school. The people of Sierra Leone: They make the trip very special.

The Sierra Leone people

are welcoming and warm and will always welcome the visitor with a huge smile, especially in the rural areas. We particularly like overnight the remote areas of the country and share the time with the warmth of the local people

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Beautiful tropical island located on the Moa River, lushly lined with rainforest and incredible primate concentration. This blog post describes Tiwai Island

Kambadaga village

is a small and nice village, with traditional architecture and the inhabitants are always welcoming. With them you will discover the beautiful surroundings, forests and river beaches. There is the possibility of going on routes in traditional “local” canoes. The stay in this town is conditioned to our truck, since for overnight we need tents. This remote village does not have any kind of facility but it is such a charm village!

Kenema and Bo

Two of the main cities in Sierra Leone, more quiet than Freetown but no less interesting. Colonial buildings, bustling markets and a good number of shops and stores dedicated to the world of diamonds and mining in general.

At night we will find lively night spots, especially in Bo, a university town. Kenema is the gateway to visit the Gola National Park.

Gola National Park, Zimmi and the remote road to Liberia

The Gola National Park offers the opportunity to go on wonderful trekking routes of several days inside the forest, overnighting at small villages, knowing about the culture and nature of the area.

The Gola National Park is home to a fascinating diversity of fauna and flora and is Sierra Leone’s largest intact forest reserve.

Towards the south of Kenema begins a terrible road to the border with Liberia, miles of adventure through bamboo forests and remote villages only suitable for the more adventurous.

It is possible to hike from Sileti, in the surroundings of Zimmi (Gola National Park), to Tiwai Island Sanctuary, for three days and two nights.


The main town of northern Sierra Leone is a good base for short hiking trails through the surrounding mountains, you can visit Lake Sonfon and some of the gold mines in the area.

Mount Bintumani and Loma Mountains

Trekking to the highest peak in West Africa between Cameroon and Morocco. There is a very physical three-day trail for lovers of hiking. Mount Bintumani is a protected reserve that shelters a large number of animals. Routes with guides and possibility of hiring porters.

The Rogbonko Village

Eco tourism project where you can enjoy a stay in a rural Sierra Leonean village. With no running water, no electricity, no phones and very little contact with the outside world, you will experience Sierra Leone from the subsistence farmers, traditional healers, secret societies and ancient traditions. Sleeping in a traditional house, eating local food you will discovering the daily life of the village.

Outamba-Kilimi National Park 

Stays in cabins along the river, boat trips in search of hippos and observe some of the 150 species of birds are some of the excursions that you can enjoy in this beautiful area of ​​savannah and jungle, with a very diverse fauna. Hopefully you can also find primates like chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and mangabais, bongos antelopes, buffaloes and perhaps, forest elephants.

Turtle Island

The most remote destination of Sierra Leone, offers paradisiacal beaches and small local communities that still nowadays live totally isolated from the world. It is possible to travel there by private boat or even in public canoe if you have enough time to wait for the public transport.

Sierra Leone Visa

Obtaining a Sierra Leone visa is easy at the Consulate of Sierra Leone in Madrid, where you can apply online from any country in the world.

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