Overland Africa Central  mind adventure expeditions in one of the most interesting and unknown regions of Africa.  

In our overland tours in central Africa

you will discover amazing deserts and visit impenetrable forests, remote pygmy communities, thriving wildlife and legendary rivers.

Visit Chad, Cameroon, Gabón, Central African Republic and Congo in adventure group tours.

Trip to Chad
Bush camp in Ennedi

Landscape of Central Africa

The Central African region includes some of the most impressive desert landscapes in the world such as the Ennedi plateau, Ounianga lakes (see on the blog) or the Tibesti region in nothern Chad

The Congo forest is one of the most extensive forest reserves left on the planet. It extends along the two Congos, Cameroon, Gabon and CAR.
In our overland trips in Central Africa we will go out in search of the lowdown gorillas in national parks like the Dzanga Sangha (see on the blog) in CAR or Nouabalé Ndoki in Congo, but we will also prepare savannah safaris in remote parks like Zakouma (see on the blog) in Chad.
On the coast of Gabon it is possible to visit one of the most spectacular national parks in Africa: Luango. In it we can see elephants and hippos on the beaches.

The ethnic groups of Central Africa are fascinating.

In the jungles of the Congo are the Pygmies baka, last hunters – gatherers of the African jungle.

In the forests of Gabon it is possible to attend a Bwiti ceremony with Iboga, in the Alantika mountains of Cameroon we will find different peoples living on the margin of globalization, like the Koma ethnic group.
In the large open spaces of the Sahel we will find Wodaabe and diferent Fulanis nomads like alidjan, weilas, hontorbe.

Further north, the toubou and the arabics with their herds of camels.

These are just some of the attractions offered by overland travel in Central Africa.

Apart from our different overland trips in Chad that explore the north of the country, we have an overland trip in Central Africa for a month, visiting Chad, Cameroon and the Central African Republic for February 2020

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