Viajar a Costa de Marfil

A tour across Ivory Coast is an enriching trip to the beating heart of West Africa. Blessed with a striking nature this country has two million hectares of wooded savannah, exuberant jungles and a rich and varied fauna and flora. Ivory Coast has 8 national parks and 21 nature reserves, some of them as impressive as the Thai N.P., the second largest primary jungle in Africa. This rain forest biosphere reserve is inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage.

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Culturally Ivory Coast is an exceptional country. The four big cultural areas (Akan, Gur, Mande and Kru) shape approximately 60 ethnic groups. These areas shelter customs and varied initiation rites that constitute big wealths, sources of education and knowledge for travelers looking for the unusual and want to discover an authentic Africa.

Yamoussoukro is the surrealist capital of Ivory Coast, excessive, with six lanes avenues, huge rides full of streetlights, empty of people and a colossal basilica, Notre Dame de la Paix, inscribed in the Book Guiness of the records as the biggest religious building in the world.

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The small historical city Grand Bassam (UNESCO heritage) spreads between the Atlantic Ocean and the Ebrié lagoon. It that was the first capital of Ivory Coast. The French quarter, with its old colonial buildings still in a remarkably good state, in spite of the passage of time. The lively fishing village of N´Zima and the long white sandy beach are some of the places that we will visit in this laid-back Grand Bassam city.

Ivory Coast offers 550 km of coast to sunbathe, to surf, to relax or to take something. Some of the most impressive beaches are in Assinie Mafia and surroundings.

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Travelling for Ivory Coast we will be able to see the important role of agriculture in the country’s economy.

In percentages the Ivorian agriculture represents between 25 and 35 % of the national economy and between 40 and 70 % of the exports income. Ivory Coast is the first world producer of cocoa and represents 10 % of the GDP and a quota of 40 % of the world production of cocoa. About 6.000.000 people live on the income linked to the cocoa.

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Regading to coffee, Ivory Coast is the third world producer and the fifth in respect of palm oil. Besides, travelling across the country we will see important cultures of hevea (rubber), pineapples, bananas, mangos, etc.

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The currency of Ivory Coast is the Franc CFA

1 € = 656 Francs CFA

1 $ = 493 Francs CFA


Ivory Coast at present issues biometric visas. They are easy to obtain in any of their embassies or presenting a request for Internet to Snedai. At present it is possible to obtain in Spain, in the consulate of Benin in Barcelona an “Entente visa” that includes besides Ivory Coast Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo. The approximate price is between 100 and 120 €.

When to go?

The best period to travel in Ivory Cost is between November and March. In addition, in the coastal zone of the country also from August to September.


In general the principal cities of Ivory Coast are well communicated by fairly good roads. In remote zones some tracks and roads can be in very poor condition even in dry season.