Senegal is a stable, safe and welcoming country, with an incredible variety of landscapes, ranging from the dry landscape of the Sahel to the humid tropical areas of Casamance, and a beautiful landscape of savannah dotted with huge baobabs and traditional villages. Senegal also offers travelers colorful markets, fascinating ethnic groups, good National Parks, especially for bird watching, good food, wetlands, dunes, colonial architecture, beautiful beaches, good fishing, traditional music, dances and a lively nightlife among other things.

Senegal is a country that we love in every way, here we leave you a few travel proposals

What to visit on a trip to Senegal

-The capital Dakar and its surroundings such as Goree Island (UNESCO) and Lac Rose

-Colonial-style cities such as Saint Louis and Podor

-Ethnic groups such as the Bedik, Bassari or Tukolor

-Explore the remote north and east of Senegal, visiting the fascinating Tukolor country, camping in baobab forests full of monkeys and baboons near Bakel and Kidira.

-Visit during the breeding season (December-February) the National Park of Djoujd, one of the best in the world to see birds.

-Canoeing inside the mangroves and fishing villages in the Delta del Sine and Saloum

-Casamance, a tropical paradise full of rivers, mangroves, good beaches, music. Home of the Diola, a town that has known how to preserve many of the traditions.

-The surreal landscape of wetlands and salt flats around Palmarin, from where you can take boat trips or go out to see hyenas (in freedom) in a curious donkey safari.

-Enjoy night parties and live music at Abene and Kafountine.

-Make routes by bicycle and / or canoe for several days in Oussouye, Casamance.

Tailor made trips to Senegal

We organize tailor made trips to Senegal and The Gambia. 

We can design a route through Senegal, Gambia or even any other neighboring country depending on the preferences of the passengers and the season in which we travel. An interesting option for example would be to include Fouta Djalon in Guinea Conakry, a paradise for lovers of hiking.

Tailor-made trips for groups of friends, business trips and incentives, school trips combining visits to projects and NGOs with cultural visits, trips for bird lovers, logistical support for bicycle or motorcycle routes, etc.

The level of comfort and adventure of the trip can vary according to the preferences of the traveler. Senegal is a country that generally has a fairly good tourist infrastructure compared to its neighboring countries. You can combine a route with camping days in remote areas of the north and east of Senegal, with eco-friendly camps and comfortable hotels in beach areas.

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