Trips to Gabon, an explosion of wildlife

With more than 10% of the territory protected and 13 national parks, a trip to Gabon offers the traveler an exceptional natural heritage difficult to compare. Traveling through Gabon we will discover its great ecological treasure, an abundant wildlife that leads Gabon to have the largest concentration of elephants in all of Africa and a wide variety of wonderful landscapes, ranging from tropical forests and mangroves to savannahs and mountains.

Trips to Gabon
Elephant encounters at Akaka River, Loango
Moukalaba Doudou Gabon
Gorillas in Moukalaba-Doudou National Park

Depending on the season, you may see humpback whales or turtles off the coast, as well as buffalo, hippos and elephants during the rainy season. In the interior of its national parks, it’s possible to see mandrills and gorillas along with some of Gabon’s 190 species of mammals, 70 species of reptiles and 600 species of birds.

Trips to Gabon
Akaka – Loango National Park,, Ogooue-Maritime Province – Gabón
Trips to Gabon
Travelling in Gabon is always an adventure

Travel to Gabon depending on the season

The itineraries of the trips to Gabon that we offer will vary depending on the time of the year in which you travel.

Lope Gabon
Lope National Park, getting up close to a group of elephants
Loango Gabon
Camping at the gates of Loango National Park

Mid-July to mid-September (dry season) is a good time for humpback whale watching and exploring the Akaka Forest in Loango National Park where large numbers of elephants are concentrated, but also to go out in search of baboons in Lope National Park. Another place to consider is the Bai de Langoue in Ivindo National Park, which receives large numbers of gorillas and elephants in the dry months.

Boat safaris through Akaka

From November to February is the time of the turtles and at night you can observe them nesting on the beaches of Gabon. These months coincide with the rainy season and it is also the opportunity to enjoy the famous images that have made Gabon internationally famous: herds of large mammals that come for a swim or to eat on the beach.

Parc National de Loango
Elephant at the beach in Sette Cama, P.N de Loango (rainy season)

The rainy months are also a good time to see the Kongou waterfalls in Ivindo National Park at their best.

Trips to Gabon
Loango National Park
Trips to Equatorial Guinea
Breakfast stop on remote Gabonese tracks

Loango National Park

A mixture of forest and savannah, Loango is perhaps the best known of Gabon’s national parks. Its main attraction lies in its beaches, where it is possible to find large mammals, whales and turtles, depending on the season.

An elephant comes out of the water after swimming across one of the rivers in Loango Park.

Loango also has habituated western lowland gorillas, so it is usually quite easy to see them.

In the surroundings of the Loango National Park there are a good number of accommodations of different categories, some of them in the nearby beaches that serve as a base to explore Loango.

Loango Gabon
Encounters with buffalos in Gabon
Loango National Park
The best ways to explore Loango: on foot and by boat. Our group before leaving for Akaka

Moukalaba Doudou National Park

Gabon’s third largest national park offers one of the highest concentrations of primates in Gabon. The small town of Doussala, 700 kilometres from Libreville, is the gateway for a visit to one of the park’s resident gorilla groups.

Moukalaba Doudou
Crossing a river at Moukalaba Doudou

Lope National Park

A mixture of open savannah of rolling grasslands with dense rainforest, Lope National Park is famous for the huge groups of baboons that inhabit the park. In 1996, a group of these baboons was recorded with 1,350 individuals, being the largest known gathering of wild primates. Although they are not easy to see, the best time to see them is during the dry months of July and August. In addition to baboons, there are large populations of chimpanzees and gorillas, but to date there is no habituated group that facilitates their approach.

Mandrill Gabon
Mandril at Parc de la Lekedi, Haut-Ogooue, Gabon,

IvindoNational Park

The Kongou Falls are located on the Ivindo River, inside the Ivindo National Park. These falls are 45 kilometres downstream from the town of Makokou and are possibly the most spectacular waterfalls in Central Africa.

These waterfalls extend for almost 3 kilometers and have several gorges.

To visit Kongou Falls we will have to navigate by canoe on the river for 4 hours.

The waters of Ivindo flow slowly between the two walls of the virgin forest: the crossing of different types of forest offers a unique experience of navigation on one of the last African rivers not colonized by man. On the way we will be able to observe many species of birds and hopefully meet some forest elephants. We will sleep in the Kongou camp, next to the waterfalls, which will allow us to live the exceptional experience of a night in the equatorial primary forest.

Another interesting visit in the Ivindo National Park is the Bai de Langoue, an opening in the forest that attracts a good number of animals.

Bwiti initiation ceremonies in Gabon

These Bwiti ceremonies are a common practice in much of the country and are part of everyday life. Very few people in Gabon doubt the effectiveness of iboga, an extremely powerful natural psychotropic, which is banned in many countries and brings people who consume it into contact with “the world of spirits”.

At night, by the light of the torches, the initiates with their faces painted white sing traditional songs accompanied by the rhythms of the traditional instruments.

Many of these ceremonies take place during the weekend in Libreville, capital of Gabon. It would not be surprising either, that during our trips to Gabon we coincided with some Bwiti ceremony since as we have said it is a quite extended practice in Gabon.

Bwiti Gabon
Bwiti in Gabon

Travel to Gabon, what to expect?

Trips to Gabon tend to focus exclusively on the country’s impressive wildlife. The chances of close encounters with elephants, buffalo, gorillas or hippos are very high if you travel in the right season. A trip to Gabon is likely to see, for example, elephants on the tracks and roads or even in the villages. That said, when it comes to seeing animals, especially in forest ecosystems such as those found in Gabon, it depends on two essential factors: a good guide and luck. The eco-guides and rangers who work in Gabon’s national parks are well trained, but luck is also a key factor in this type of visit.

Travel to Gabon
Elephants inside the village of Gamba, Gabon.

Due to the poor infrastructure, trips to Gabon often become windows open to improvisation, something we like. To travel in Gabon in general it is necessary to use a great number of different transports such as: vehicles, ferries, boats or trains. There will always be some change of plans as usually happens in the trips we offer in Central Africa.

Trips to Gabon
Track to Moukalaba-Doudou

Peoples and cultures of Gabon

Most of the inhabitants belonging to Gabon’s 40 ethnic groups are of Bantu origin. The majority Bantu ethnic group in Gabon is the Fang, to which 35 per cent of the population belongs. In addition to the Bantu groups, originally from neighbouring countries, pygmy populations known as Babongo live in Gabon.

Information about Gabon
Ethnic map of Gabon
Babongo people Gabon
Babongo woman

Gabón: the Last Eden

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