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Destination Chad. The treasure of the Sahara

Far from the globalized world and the tourist routes, Chad is a unique destination that offers the traveler some of the most spectacular desert landscapes of the planet like Ennedi massif, Ounianga lakes or Tibesti region, fascinating ethnic groups and the excellent national park of Zakouma where to see wild fauna. Discover our trips to Chad

Emi Koussi

Travel to Chad, a safe destination

While some of the countries or regions bordering Chad, such as Niger, Libya, Darfur in Sudan or North Central African Republic, are unstable or have conflicts that drag on over time, Chad emerges as an oasis of security in the Sahel and Sahara offering some of the best desert travel experiences in all of Africa.

Trips to Chad

Discovering Chad, land of adventure

Chad is a country for the expert traveler who already knows other parts of the African continent or for people looking for great travel experiences. Chad is a hard country but it is also a paradise for all those who enjoy adventure and relish visiting really authentic places.


Ethnic trips to Chad

Due to its isolation, the different tribes of Chad preserve their cultural heritage practically intact. In Chad there are about 200 ethnic groups, some of them are nomads. One of the most incredible experiences we offer in our trips to Chad, is the opportunity to live for a few days with different ethnic groups such as the Wodaabe, the Alidjan, the Dangelaet, Arabic or the Tubu.

In September or early October, with the end of the rains, it is possible to attend the Gerewol ceremony

Trips to Chad
Arabs wedding in Chad

Plateau of Ennedi

The landscapes of Chad look as if they were from another planet. In Ennedi massif, you will discover impressive rock formations, huge stone arches or one of the most impressive places in the whole Sahara: the Archei Gorge, where at nightfall the nomads take their herds of camels to drink water at the grotto. In the Gorge of Archei live some of the last colonies of crocodiles of the Sahara. Ennedi is also famous for its cave paintings.

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Ouimina Ennedi
Ouimina peaks Ennedi
Aloba Ennedi
Arco de Aloba en Ennedi, el más grande de África

Lakes of Ounianga

Further north there are the lakes of Ounianga (UNESCO Heritage). These lakes are an exceptional natural landscape of great beauty with striking colors and shapes. In the middle of the sands of the Sahara we will find the images of beautiful oases. A visual and photographic paradise.

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The Zakouma National Park

One of the great opportunities to spot wildlife in a very remote reserve.


Unlike other large African National Parks, here you will not find large crowds of tourists and vehicles. An intimate experience in the wildest Africa. Zakouma is also known for its large herds of elephants. 

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Ecotourism in the region of Guera. Hiking and bicycling routes in Chad

The Guera Mountains have a great tourist attraction and more and more travellers are interested in their landscapes, their different cultures and in some very interesting collaboration and development projects that are taking place in the Chad area.

That’s why in Kumakonda we want to go deeper into this region offering travelers the possibility of visiting this province in different hiking trails ranging from three or four days, or make a 4-day bicycle route. In these circuits you will discover the different cultures and peoples of Guera, attending dances and you will be able to know different projects of development of the region.

Trips to Chad

Tibesti Mountains

Zone of difficult access, subject to restrictions. In the northeast of Chad there are the highest mountains of the Sahara, that’s where Tibesti is located. One of the most isolated regions of the planet. In Tibesti we can find volcanoes, incredible rock formations, seas of dunes, rock paintings, canyons, oases and nomadic tribes. This region of Tibesti is also known for settlements of gold seekers.

Explore the highest peak in the Sahara on a seven-day hike on the Emi Koussi volcano.


Trips to Chad

We have different travel options in Chad.

  • Tailor-made trips in Chad. If you want to travel alone, in couple or with friends we can organize your trip to Chad to measure. Normally the guide will be French speaking but subject to availability only to advance reservations we can have a local Spanish/ Enghish speaking guide.
  • Trips to Chad by 4×4 truck or 4×4 cars for groups with scheduled departures. These trips are coordinated and guided by the person in charge of Kumakonda and in them we combine different visits in the country.
  • Trips to Zakouma National Park in 4×4 cars accommodated in Tinga Camp and full board in its restaurant.
  • Hiking, camel trekking, horseback riding or bicycling in the mountainous region of Guera. In Guera we will discover different cultures, visiting sedentary populations and nomad camps (depending on the season).
  • Villages in the Logone valley. Ethnic trip in this cross-border region where 22 different ethnic groups live.
  • Festivals. Tailor-made or programmed trips to the different cultural festivals taking place in Chad.

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