Trip to Casamance in Senegal, culture and dance of the Diola people

Viaje a Casamance

Trip to Casamance in Senegal, culture and dance of the Diola people Trip to Casamance in Senegal with Mara Bagossi to discover the culture and dance of the Diola people. Documentation and editing: Mara Bagossi. Mara has been living in Casamance since 2016 and is passionate about African music and dance and an expert in […]

Sharo Ceremony, the scars of Fulani love in Nigeria


Sharo fulani ceremony in northern Nigeria We travelled to northern Nigeria to attend a Sharo or Shadi Fulani ceremony. There, in a remote village in Jigawa State on the border with Niger, is home to one of the largest communities of Fulani herdsmen in the whole of Nigeria. We heard that traditional Sharo ceremonies, a […]

Ilha da Baía dos Tigres​, trip to the southern Angola

Ilha da Baia dos Tigres​

Ilha da Baía dos Tigres​ A few days ago we travelled to the desert coast of the Namib in southern Angola (March 2024) for one of the most spectacular scenic drives in this part of the African continent: Ilha da Baía dos Tigres and the forgotten city of Sao Martinho dos Tigres …. Photo credits: Morgan […]

Bogolán, the language of textiles


Bogolan, Mali’s earthenware textiles Bogolan, ‘mud textiles’ in the Bambara language, is the type of dyeing technique that artists in Mali have used for centuries on hand-woven textiles. Ancestral handicraft made by hand with clay and natural dyes on cotton cloth. The natural dyes used for painting come from the leaves and bark of African […]

Planet Sahel, a borderline territory

Sahel pueblo con mujeres y niños

The Sahel is a land of transition between the desert and the savannah that precedes the jungles of the south. It is a horizontal strip of land spread across more than 10 countries. It crosses the entire African continent from east to west at its widest point, and as a borderland it marks the character […]

Salt caravans in the Sahara, resistance or death

caravanas de sal en el desierto

It is still possible to find salt for sale in the markets of the Sahel and Saharan cities such as Gao, Timbuktu, Agadez or Kalait. And on our expeditions in northern Chad in winter, it is not uncommon to meet salt caravans. A traditional mode of transport that does not give up in the 21st […]

Ennedi rock art, Chad’s hidden treasure

arte rupestre de Ennedi Manda Guele

The Ennedi rock art is one of the riches of Chad’s most important national park. A territory of more than five million hectares, with an enormous wealth of landscapes. We know it, and everyone who has had the good fortune to visit it knows it. Today we want to focus on this hidden treasure and […]

Bori Hausa ceremony: animist practices in Niger

Niger is a diamond in the rough. With an enormous cultural heritage and very friendly people. We fell in love with it without a doubt. Among its cultural riches, we were able to attend the Bori ceremony of the Hausa and the dance of the Tauri warriors, both animists. Here is the chronicle, a preview […]

Lomako – Yokokala Wildlife Reserve in DR Congo

Created in 2006, the Lomaoko-Yokokala Reserve is a protected area with an area of 3,625 km² (slightly larger than Luxembourg) and is situated between the Lomako and Yokokala rivers in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Lomako-Yokokala Reserve is home to about 1,000 bonobos. In this reserve in the middle of the […]

A curious maternity leave in Congo (DRC)

On the 2023 Jungle Kongo Expedition trip, Austerio Alonso and the other travellers had the good fortune to witness a ceremony to mark the end of the Ekonda pygmies’ “maternity leave”. But let’s start at the beginning…

Pende Tribe, the people of the great initiations (DRC)

We travel to the southwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo in search of the Pende tribe. This is one of the ethnic groups that attracts us the most because of their desire to preserve their traditions, and we want to continue getting to know them on future trips.

The Kuba Kingdom of Congo and its fantastic past

We like to include a strong cultural component in our trips. For example, the Kuba kingdom of the Congo, an ancient and powerful civilisation whose descendants still preserve some of the traditions of yesteryear. It is these traditions that continue to define their identity as a people.

Dancing to the sound of Afrobeat in Lagos, Nigeria

To be recognised as the father of a musical style is no small matter. In Lagos, the economic centre of Nigeria, they can boast about it. For this reason, and because the occasion arose, we went to spend a couple of nights at the centre of Afrobeat’s origins in Lagos: the Kalakuta Museum.

Benin City and Edo culture, pure Nigerian history

In the Africa Overland expedition we did in Kumakonda between March and April 2023, we knew that Nigeria was not going to make it easy for us, but we also knew that this is a very interesting destination. So much so that it has left us with the desire to repeat and go deeper. For […]

The Wodaabe of Chad: origins, symbols and relationships in Gerewol

In Kumakonda’s trips we have accumulated many encounters with the Wodaabe of Chad, and we even travel to their Gerewol festival once a year. For us, this nomadic people belonging to the great Peul family is one of the most fascinating of the African continent, so we were looking forward to publishing an article in […]

Lake Chad, a stunning natural and cultural ecosystem

Lake Chad is a mythical place in Central Africa. It is one of the great symbols of the continent, like Kilimanjaro or the Sahara Desert. Divided between Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon since 1880, for a long time it was a great inland sea that watered the life of the Sahel. In this article we […]

Tata Gonda, the celestial army

In the depths of the province of Congo Central, the followers of the now dead prophet Tata Gonda live in total autarchy. 

National Gungu Festival of Congo, traditional Pende culture

Gungu Festival, traditional culture and community development The National Gungu Festival (FESNAG) is a manifestation of socio-cultural and touristic promotion of the traditional Pende culture, promoted from within by the local communities themselves for its development. The aim of the Gungu Festival is to protect and revalue the ancestral cultural heritage of the Pende culture […]

Malebo, encountering bonobos in Congo

Malebo, bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo With the idea of spotting wild bonobos we travelled to Malebo Site. A unique habitat of savannahs, forests and floodplains in the southwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Malebo is located in the province of Mai Ndombe, in a difficult to reach region 500 kilometres north […]

Yangambi, treasures in the Congo Basin

Viaje rio Congo

Yangambi, a trip on the Congo River In the province of Tschopo, in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the heart of the Congo Basin forest, lies an unexpected treasure: Yangambi. Sailing from Kisangani some 100 kilometres downstream on the Congo River, we reach this immense scientific city. Built by the Belgians […]

Trip to southern Angola, ethnicities and landscapes

We managed to leave Oncocua along the same forest track we had arrived, and we turned off a little to the south to visit the Humbe area, where there is a thousand-year-old baobab tree, some say the oldest in Africa. We continued on our way through southern Angola after meeting several tribes.

Tribes of Angola, a trip to the south of the country

One of the main reasons why travelling to Angola is so attractive is to visit some of the tribes that inhabit the south of the country and see how, in this globalised world, they preserve their customs, their way of dressing and their ancestral way of life. Today we talk to you about the tribes […]

Ecotourism in Chad and community development

Ecotourism and development of local communities. Walking and Bicycle Routes in Chad

The Guera Mountains have a great tourist attraction and more and more travellers are interested in their landscapes, their different cultures and in some very interesting collaboration and development projects that are taking place in the Chad area.

People and cultures in Chad, encounters across the Sahel

En los pequeños mercados de las zonas rurales, en los caminos polvorientos del Sahel, en los restaurantes locales, o junto a los estanques y fuentes de agua es donde nos acercamos a los pueblos y culturas de Chad en nuestros viajes.

Ennedi; the Eden of the Sahara. Chronicles of a tour to Chad II

World Heritage, the Ennedi massif, located in northeastern Chad, is known as the “Eden of the Sahara”, hides some of the most beautiful desert landscapes on the planet. Incredible rock formations in the form of arches, pillars or needles, deep canyons and hundreds of cave paintings.

Zakouma National Park in Chad

Visiting Zakouma National Park In Kumakonda we could not start 2019 in a better way, just finished with a new prospective trip in Chad in which we visited the Zakouma National Park. Chad is perhaps the great unknown of the African continent but at the same time it is incredibly beautiful and wild.  The traveler […]

Bijagos Islands in Guinea Bissau, where women rule

On our last trip to Guinea Bissau in February 2018 we were lucky to learn more about this West African country, small in territory, but immense in diversity and cultural richness. One of the most fascinating parts of the trip was the tour among the Bijagos Islands. Discoverong Bijagos Islands This archipelago, declared a Biosphere […]

Visiting the Cantanhez National Park in Guinea Bissau

Travelling to Cantanhez National Park The Cantanhez National Park in Guinea Bissau is located in the district of Tombali, in the south of the country, about 250 kilometers from the capital Bissau. To get there the road is in good condition except for the last 60 kilometers that become a terrible but beautiful forest track […]

Tiwai Island Sanctuary Sierra Leone

Discovering Tiwai Island, travelling to Sierra Leone The Tiwai Island Sanctuary in Sierra Leone is one of the great highlights of a journey through this exciting West African country. Tiwai Island ( Big Island in Mende) is an inland island in the Moa River, about 12 km², located inside the Upper Guinea Tropical Rainforest in […]

Traditional Fabrics of Ivory Coast

Traveling through the different regions of northern Ivory Coast we find the craft production of traditional materials. Traditional Kita The “kita” or also called “kente” is the traditional material that is worked on the looms. Men are organized in a cooperative called Association of Young Artisans of the Ivory Coast (AJACI). The origin of these […]

Niofoin and its fetish houses. Visit one of the most peculiar villages of Ivory Coast

In northern Ivory Coast, in the heart of the Senufo country, between Boundiali and Korhogo, lies Niofoin, one of the most interesting and picturesque villages in the whole country. Visiting Niofoin Niofoin is a medium-sized town that has grown a lot in the last years.  Mainly agricultural and animist, many of the ancient traditions are […]